Meet the Team

Karl Taylor

Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world's leading companies.

Karl became involved in the photography training market several years ago after hosting lectures in photography and finding he had a knack for explaining the subject in an entertaining and understandable way. Since then Karl has become very passionate about his Masterclass Training Series and is keen to demonstrate professional but achievable photography techniques in the simplest way possible. As well as presenting and shooting he writes the scripts, formulates the ideas and formats the programmes and training.

Outside of work Karl is happily married to Hélène and they have two young children. As well as photography and playing with the kids Karl's other passions are travelling, reading, scuba-diving and kayak fishing.

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Tim Gaudion

Tim is the Creative Director of the business and is in charge of the overall look and feel of our brand. Tim is also chief cameraman having had experience in video and television production.

Tim is also responsible for the look and design of the website, as well as actually 'building' it.  Tim comes from a creative background in illustration and web design and has had a successful career in illustrating book covers and well known images for international brands such as the Body Shop and Hewlett Packard.

Outside of work Tim is happily married and has a young son. Tim loves being by the water and in his spare time is often found surfing with his son or fishing in a lake or the ocean.

Jon Bairds

Jon is our Marketing and Technology Director and his work involves maintaining our website and ongoing marketing campaigns. Jon has implemented many key ideas in the business and is also involved in the design and build of the website.

Jon comes from a background in design and spent many years working in programming and coding in the UK and overseas. Jon also doubles as a second cameraman where necessary when we are away filming.

Jon is based in Cornwall in the UK where he lives with his wife and two children and enjoys surfing and swimming.

Fabienne Bourgaize

Fabienne joined the company in 2008 and is our Production Manager. She is also in charge of general company administration and being a great organizer she makes sure the business runs smoothly.

Fabienne's main role is in video, sound and music editing and working as a second camera person to Tim. Fabienne has a passion for animal welfare and volunteers regularly at an animal rescue centre. She also has two cats and enjoys travelling and walking her dog.  She and her husband are also kept very busy renovating their new house.

Hélène Cavignac-Taylor

Hélène joined the company in 2014. She works hand in hand with Fabienne and is in charge of customer service, general company administration and dispatching customers’ orders.

Hélène was born and raised in France and has a Master’s degree in Business Management from La Sorbonne University in Paris. After having spent almost ten years in the finance industry, Hélène is now enjoying working in a completely different environment.

Hélène moved to Guernsey in 2002 and met Karl with whom she is happily married, and they now have two young children. In her spare time, Hélène enjoys travelling, ballet and yoga classes - that is if she gets any time to spare from the kids!

Ben Thoume

Ben is the newest member of our team, joining us in 2015 straight out of university as our Video Editor. He is responsible for editing all of our photography courses as well as the steady stream of online videos we make for our large following on various social media platforms.

After discovering a love for film at an early age he pursued an education in media studies, eventually finding that his passion lay with video editing. He then went on to obtain a degree in Media Production where he created a variety of dramatic, stylistic and informative short films. Ben also helps manage our social media and assists as a cameraman on productions.

Outside of work Ben is a devoted Chelsea supporter and when he isn't watching football he is playing his guitars or adding to the long and ever growing list of movies he has seen or is eagerly waiting to view.

The Team Filming

A message from the team about internet piracy

We know that the majority of people are decent and honest but it is unfortunate that there are still those who believe piracy is harmless and of no consequence to a small company like ours. Although it might be easier for a company like Warner Bros to absorb piracy it's not so easy for a small company like ours to do the same. Between our small team we work very hard to deliver you some of the best photography training available, and as a small business we simply can't afford for people to steal from us, so please don't.

To create our products we incur significant expenses in equipment, filming, travel, model fees and production costs to ensure that our programmes are as entertaining and informative as possible. Through our products and website we offer much more than just a series of DVDs, and as our valued customers know we will continue to bring you more, with our ongoing training, fact sheets, online support, community pages and bonus material. So please be nice to us so that we can offer you even more. :)