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Gain clarity and confidence in your photography and open your eyes to another level that you never knew existed.

FULL Photography: A Deeper Understanding Workshop

Karl Taylor Photography Studio
Course Date:
FULL 5th - 7th October 2016
Limited Seats:
Max students 14
Course Duration:
3 days

Throughout Karl Taylor’s Photography: A Deeper Understanding workshop he will open your eyes to another level of imagery you never knew existed, helping you to understand why an image works or why it doesn’t.

"In Photography there is an area of understanding that falls outside of camera techniques or the practicalities of apertures and shutter speeds. This area is often the void between advanced amateurs and long time successful professionals.

I know because i’ve been there…

As a photographer of many years, I knew about apertures, shutter speeds, composition. I also ran a busy studio and understood the various ways of lighting a subject. But something was still missing…

After much soul searching I realised I was missing a deeper understanding of the visual process, an understanding of how and why the human mind responds to certain visual stimuli. I realised that I hadn’t taken that one necessary step back from photography to discover how we think about images or what our built in emotional responses to them are.

When I literally opened my eyes to these ideas I did what I always do. I studied. Digging deeper to understand the responses to photography and to learn why some images are more effective than others. I spent months reading books, scientific papers, looking at the work of old masters and talking to top pro photographers who had crossed this juncture themselves.

Through this knowledge I was able to start creating images that had much greater impact and higher dynamic visual effect. As a result my work improved and I realised where I was going and why. The void, the mystery and most of all the doubt had been eliminated through the acquisition of knowledge."

Karl Taylor Photography Studio deeper understanding workshop

On this Workshop

I will take you on that same journey. Through a series of informative but fun presentations and practical demonstrations, I will guide you to a greater understanding of the visual process and why images work.

Karl Taylor Photography Studio
Students on Karl Taylor's Photography Workshop
Students on Karl Taylor's Photography Workshop


Photography Student, Caleb

"I had this moment about an hour or two into the course where I felt like Keanu Reeves in the matrix where all of a sudden an image became information.

For anybody who has seen his courses he’s phenomenal. He teaches technical things in a way that anybody can understand. It was quite nice to do something practical and work with the model and take some of those photos. Just because Karl setting up the lighting and everything else, it was quite nice to be able to take great crisp, professional looking images without having to put any effort in. It’s been amazing” - Caleb, UK


This workshop includes: 

The opportunity to shoot images for your own Portfolio with a model.

All lunches snacks, and one evening meal with Karl and the team are included in the cost. 

learning directly with Karl Taylor (Karl Spends one to one time with all his students.)

A portfolio review with Karl.

A fun and relaxed learning environment which allows you to meet and network with other like minded photographers and creatives.

You get to experience a professional level studio and get confident using all our pro equipment. (helping your knowledge when renting or purchasing kit in the future).

Readily improve the day to day running of your photography business with key skills, saving you literally years of photography trial and error by working and learning from a top professional.

Portrait of Model in Studio Workshop students in restaurant
The beautiful island of Guernsey

The Venue

Join Karl at his professional photography studio on the beautiful island of Guernsey. You'll find it easy to get here (we are only a short hop from London) see below for more travel and accomodation details.

St Peter Port Town Seafront, Guernsey

Workshop price: £775 (USD $1200) per person

FULL Max students: 14 | Course Duration: 3 days | Course Date: 5th - 7th October 2016

Reserve your space today! Click the button to pay a 33% deposit. (non refundable)

Photography: A Deeper Understanding


Day 1

Arrival and introductions / coffee 9:30am
An overview of the course 10:00

Presentation / slideshow
Session 1: Understanding human vision
Session 2: The colour spectrum and visual response
Session 3: Luminance & luminance perception

Lunch Break 12:00

Session 4: The importance of separating colour & luminance
Session 5: Contrast
Session 6: Visual systems
Session 7: Spatial frequency & acuity

7:30pm - Evening meal at a beautiful local restaurant with Karl Taylor & Team

Day 2

Arrival 9:30

Session 8: Space & perceived motion
Session 9: The science of what makes an image work
Session 10: Aesthetics
Session 10a: Geometry of an image
Session 10b: Composition
Session 10c: Form & deconstructing and image
Session 10d: Light and conveying mood

Lunch Break 13:00

Session 11: Content & emotion
Session 12: Emotional response to an image
Session 13: The influence of story telling
Session 14: Practical lighting demonstration with a model
(option for students shooting time)

Evening - free for you to enjoy and we can recommend stunning locations if you wish to explore and excellent places to wine and dine.

Day 3

Arrival 9:30

Session 15: Breakdown of an image
Session 16: Study of iconic photographs and well know works

Lunch Break 12:00

Session 17: Private portfolio reviews / group discussion and critique of well known works
Session 18
: Post Production, Photoshop, application of key visual emotional Responses
Session 19
: Final overview and group Q&A

Evening - free for you to enjoy and we can recommend stunning locations if you wish to explore and excellent places to wine and dine.

Photography: A Deeper Understanding - Costs

Workshop price: £775 (USD $1200) per person
Max students: 14
Course Duration: 3 days
Course Date: FULL 5th - 7th October 2016

Course includes:

  • Each student will have the opportunity to shoot images for their own portfolio.
  • Transport provided to and from our approved partner hotel
  • All Lunches 
  • One evening meal 
  • Model for practical demonstration
  • Teas, coffees, soft drinks and snacks

Course does not include:

  • Travel or accommodation – Breakfast - evening meals (except for group dinner on the first evening).Please see below for further travel and accomodation details and options

Plus, your workshop will include:

  • You will learn directly with Karl Taylor.
  • Karl spends "one to one" time with all students.
  • Enjoy your own individual shooting time.
  • You can bring your portfolio with you for review by Karl.
  • Take your pictures home for your own portfolio.
  • Intimate group numbers help to create a fun and relaxed learning environment.
  • Meet and network with other like minded photographers and creatives.
  • Get your questions answered by Karl and the team.
  • Experience a professional level studio and get confident using all the equipment. (This will help you when renting or purchasing kit in the future.)
  • Rapidly improve the day to day running of your photography business with key skills.
  • Save literally years of photography trial and error by working and learning from a top professional.
  • Join Karl Taylor and his team - get ready for an Incredible trip and photography experience.

Workshop price: £775 (USD $1200) per person

FULL Max students: 14 | Course Duration: 3 days | Course Date: 5th - 7th October 2016

Reserve your space today! Click the button to pay a 33% deposit. (non refundable)

What makes Karl Taylor’s workshops unique?

Karl Taylor Photography Studio and Workshops

There’s a real excitement surrounding Karl Taylor’s name in the world of photography. His innate ability to explain simply even the most complex photography techniques, has led to a huge following of over 750,000 people on the internet. His 20 year career creating dynamic and striking images also ensures he works regularly for some of the world’s top businesses, giving each workshop participant an enviable experience and knowledge that you can only digest from someone in Karl’s position. You can be sure that a workshop with Karl, in person at his studio, will be an exciting unique and educational opportunity not to be missed.

With Karl Taylor as your personal instructor, you know you will be learning from the very best! Karl is globally recognised as a leader in teaching photography - so much so, corporate leaders Adobe, Hasselblad and Broncolor put their trust in his skills to impart photography knowledge.

Unlike other instructors, Karl chooses to continue working as a professional photographer for a selection of blue-chip companies. Your workshop will be in this very same environment. Learn in a fully equipped studio and see exactly how a professional photographer at the top of his game “gets the job done”.

Your photography education and workshop experience is in very safe hands!

The Karl Taylor workshop experience.

The Channel Islands are a stunning and incredible group of Islands just 35mins flight from London. The central island of Guernsey, where Karl was born and chooses to make his home, is located between England and France in the bay of Normandy. It is a thriving hub for business and tourism and has one of the world’s most picturesque harbours bestrewn with a collection of fabulous restaurants with views towards the historic 13th century Castle Cornet.

Guernsey St Peter Port

To ensure your experience is as care free as possible, we can offer a transfer from the airport to our approved luxurious partner hotel (See Below For Accommodation), as well as transport each day from the approved hotel to Karl’s nearby fully equipped studio. Aside from the abundance of high quality photography and studio equipment at your disposal there are also hot & cold drink facilities, food & snacks, washrooms (including disabled access) and a stunning relaxing kitchen and lounge breakout area.

With a maximum of only 8 to 14 participants on each workshop, Karl ensures that he and his team give you a high level of personal training. Guaranteeing you an incredible experience and stunning photography for you to personally capture and take home. Whilst our workshops aim to provide the highest level of knowledge and training we also want to ensure that you enjoy your experience with us like no other workshop can provide.

Guernsey Airport and Bella Luce Hotel

Whether you are looking to improve your photography for your business or are quite simply excited about expanding your passion for photography on a holiday experience, Karl Taylor’s new workshops offer an unparalleled opportunity to work with one of the most respected in the industry and expand your photography ability.


Getting to our island studio is quick and simple!

Karl Taylor's studio in Guernsey is a quick flight or boat trip from the mainland.

Getting over to Guernsey is a quick trip from the mainland by boat or plane! Despite its size, the island of Guernsey is actually a leading international finance centre and therefore extremely well connected with regular daily flights and boats from England and France.

If you're planning on crossing by boat you can make your workshop experience a real holiday by bringing your car. If you're flying over and wish for freedom beyond our included airport & hotel shuttle there is a fantastic island bus and local taxi service. Guernsey is an absolutely stunning location so I highly recommend you take advantage of your stay to view some truly stunning seascapes.

Travel services from England and France to Guernsey include:, or

Where to stay on your workshop.

When it comes to hotel accommodation, there is a huge variety to choose from in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Whether you prefer a boutique hotel in our rural parishes, five star luxury or a more bespoke friendly family-run hotel, Guernsey hoteliers go the extra mile to make your holiday memorable from the moment you arrive. You could be waking up in a hotel room just a stone's throw from our sandy beaches on the west coast, stepping out onto a balcony overlooking the majestic cliffs to the south or in the tranquility of one of our sister islands. There is a range of three-star and four-star Guernsey hotels, as well as one five-star establishment in St Peter Port. Whether you prefer to be in the heart of the town, or in the tranquil countryside, there are plenty of hotels in Guernsey that will offer what you are seeking, plus more.

Guernsey St Peter Port

Hotel de Havelet is one of our more established Guernsey hotels and the Bella Luce Hotel is a boutique hotel near our studio

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor is a world-renowned commercial and advertising photographer as well as a highly respected photography instructor.

Working in the industry for nearly 20 years reinforces Karl’s ability to explain even the most complex areas of photography in an easy and entertaining format. His pro training is highly sought after and as well as his own highly acclaimed training series, Karl works as an instructor for Hasselblad and as a consultant to other key areas of the industry.

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