Karl Taylor International Workshops

Karl Taylor and the team are available for workshop bookings around the world.

Karl Taylor International Photography Workshops

International workshops are often organised by associations or photography distributors that have the logistics to organise a venue, lighting, models and props and of course the attendees to the workshop. If you are able to do this then we’d love to hear from you, if not then please contact your local distributor or relevant photography association to see if you can make it happen.

Fees for international workshops are by quotation and are based on the duration of the workshop, the distance/time to be travelled and the number of attendees and fees being charged to the participants.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop at your destination here are some useful points to consider before contacting us:

1. Do you have access to or can you hire a large enough studio space?
2. Do you have access to or can you hire the necessary lighting equipment?
3. How many participants will be on the workshop?
4. What type of subjects would you like covered; Product? Fashion?
5. Can you provide catering/lunches for the attendees?
6. Are you able to promote the workshop?

If you would like further information please email us at international@karltaylorphotography.com

Karl Taylor International Workshops