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I understand how important it is to get to know your instructor before starting a new photography course. If you're here to learn photography then you need to know everything about myself and my training methods - do you agree?

If you're starting photography and in need of jargon free beginner photography lessons or you're an advanced photographer seeking professional photography knowledge and advanced studio techniques, you need to know my photography qualifications to help educate and guide your photography skills to a new level. How can I make you a better photographer?

When browsing courses of interest, you'll see each page not only includes a video trailer and course details, but there's also a video review tab so you can discover what students who have already taken my photography classes think about my training methods. If that's not enough, you can even add a FREE chapter from that course into your account (no card details needed) to see if the subject matter is the kind of photography knowledge you're seeking.

Get to know more about my training by clicking the photography courses below. FREE photography chapters are available on these courses.

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