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LIVE online workshop with Karl Taylor

First of all, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you! We’ve got loads interested in my upcoming Advertising & Product, Lighting Mastery online workshop – that’s an absolutely fantastic result 🙂

I’m so excited about this first professional photography Live webinar event. This is something the team and I have been gearing up to for a very long time and you’re one of the first on my notification list!

As you know I’ve been running photography workshops here in my studio for years. It’s a great way to teach and a fantastic way for students to dramatically improve their skills. However… the frustrating downside of studio workshops has been the expense.

Unfortunately, they’re not cheap – they can’t be. There’s so many planning and running costs for small student groups. This in turn makes each seat cost a few thousand – not to mention the time and travel costs for students to actually get here!

BUT I do love teaching in person, it’s the best way to learn and I get to see student skill and ability growth happen in real time! It’s that practical live element that encourages faster learning. And it’s this practical element that I want to include in my online pro-webinar – but at a fraction of the cost.

Multiple, ever changing camera angles along with open Q&A through out each shoot ensures you get everything you need from the session.

This live online event is all about the top end of pro-photography. It’s for photographers looking to take away a new level of expertise in product and advertising photography.

If you really want the confidence to deliver incredible results then you need to completely master the skills that I’ll be demonstrating and teaching in this live event.

Take these shots for example (taken on my recent workshops in China and my studio) there’s no post production involved!

That’s right, these shots were straight from camera during the workshop! Personally, this is how I like to shoot client projects. I like to give myself the best possible result using the mastery of studio lighting and photography first. Once that’s achieved I then finish up with small post production adjustments using the usual software tools.

If that’s how you’d like to operate then this workshop is for you! Click on the second video tab to see what we will cover in the live online workshop including:

  • Light assessing and exposure decisions
  • Using one studio light do the job of 15 lights!
  • Exact studio light settings for each shot
  • Precise backlighting of products
  • Making detail reflectors for product photography
  • Materials, surfaces, backgrounds and props tips
  • Freezing moving liquids with studio lighting and on a budget
  • Controlled contour lighting and selective area lighting

There will be limited ticket availability… I want this to be a highly interactive workshop with audience participation. You’ll be following me around each shoot and able to ask questions as I go.

As you may have seen on my Facebook page there’s a lot of people asking what happens if they can’t make the whole show or miss part of it. I can confirm you will be supplied an edited copy of the show for you to re-run at your leisure.

I can also confirm that this won’t be a rambling 24 hour long show! As you know I like to get to the important information more quickly, I want you focused, engaged and learning what I’m teaching. I’ve carefully scripted and tested each shoot and I plan to have this all wrapped up in 4-5 hours.

That means you get to take away the concise facts and training without having to trawl though waffle! As an extra bonus, we’ve also decided to open our support for this webinar to help answer any further questions you may have after the event.

As you’re in my list there are THREE instant bonuses that you can get immediately on pre-ordering your webinar ticket, but I’ll let you know more about that tomorrow when I open the doors.

Apart from chatting and working with me live on these shoots, lets quickly go through the pro knowledge you’ll get to take away from this training.

  • Every detail of each shoot from start to finish
  • Live audience questions answered
  • At least 4 high-end advertising & product shoots from start to finish
  • Learn precise backlighting of products
  • Making precision reflectors for product photography
  • Materials, surfaces, backgrounds and props tips
  • Contour and selective area lighting
  • Freezing moving liquids with studio lighting and on a budget
  • Controlled contour lighting
  • Making one studio light do the job of 15 studio lights
  • Assessing the light and making exposure decisions
  • See exceptional results straight out of camera
  • An introduction to post production techniques
  • Learning to see like a product photographer

Like I said earlier, for those who pre-order their tickets, I’m giving away instant access to some additional training to enjoy right now.

Click the next video tab to learn more…

Get the “On Taking Pictures Listeners” online workshop deal

Welcome to my Advertising & Product Lighting Mastery live online worksho … whether you’re already a professional photographer, or a creative enthusiast aspiring to become a successful studio photographer this is the place to be, the place to master these techniques and the essential studio lighting skills required to get the job done.

As you probably already know I’ve been teaching this knowledge for over 25 years. Leading companies including Hasselblad cameras, Adobe and Broncolor all put their trust in my ability to teach… as do hundreds of thousands of internet followers and thousands of successful students who’ve invested in my upper level paid courses.

You can be sure this LIVE event will give you the knowledge you need and open the door to outstanding results in your advertising & product photography.

Reserve your seat for 50% OFF the public price.
That’s only $198 for the full LIVE interactive webinar event…
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I’m releasing 100 tickets in total for this online workshop. I want to ensure the interactive element with ongoing Q&A throughout the 4-5hr live shoot. We also need to be able to manage on-going support for students re-watching the edited download following the show.

Tickets go on public sale later this month for $399. As the webinar date isn’t yet confirmed, early birds who order today can save 50% and 2 complimentary courses (worth $112) to enjoy right now! I can tell you this we’ll be running on working day and you’ll also receive an edited download of the event to watch at your leisure. Our support service will also be available should you have further questions after the event.


I’ll keep you posted about the date, but for now, enjoy your complimentary training!

Karl 🙂

Get the “On Taking Pictures Listeners” online workshop deal
For me, it was great to see the lighting techniques from the DVD course happening live in front of me, and it answered a lot of my questions without actually having to ask anything, although you can at anytime! As well as the lighting-set ups, I learned so many small tips and tricks that are making a huge difference to my product photography. Karl’s enthusiasm and passion for photography is infectious, I recommend that you catch some of that from him.Lesley Simpson

Over the years I have attended many workshops in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and I can honestly say this is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. There is virtually nothing “off limits” , and Karl is happy to explain all the technical and commercial aspects of the business, in no-nonsense down-to-earth terms. And that’s where the workshop is so valuable….not only learning about the lighting ‘secrets’ and other technical tricks-of-the-trade, but also the thinking behind creating a successful business, and how to execute that business plan in practice.
Ian. UK

Get the “On Taking Pictures Listeners” online workshop deal

Offer ends in…