We smashed 5 glasses just for you – Episode #004

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We smashed 5 glasses just for you – Episode #004 – ASK ME ANYTHING!

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  1. Yaseen Mohammed-Graham

    Fantastic to watch and learn, I have experimented with water splash / droplets several times and have triggered the shot manually. Knowing that this type of accessory is available will bring speed up my shots. Great to get a better understanding of the light source, positioning and how to overcome obstacles for this type of shot.

  2. John Rose

    Another great video showing how easy it can be if you put the thought into it.

    How would you deal with having to shoot chrome light fittings onto a white background for supplying to a client as cut-outs. I am currently shooting these for a client and have a pretty good set-up (a modification of your kettle set-up) but wondered if you had any tips.

  3. Bruce Sorrell

    Another excellent video, Carl ! They just get better and better.

    I’ve seen you refer to that reflective surface as “polished metal” which DIY stores are supposed to carry. I’ve not been able to locate it here on this side of the pond. If you have a moment could you please post the full name of that product and who produces it ? I’ve a shoot of my wife’s pottery coming up and I’d like to get it just right. : ))

    Thanks much for your help on this !

  4. Ted Eggs

    I loved this episode.

    I think it was the simplicity of the idea and the set up. Using one camera, one speedlight and one glass with plastic ice cube all on the kitchen table.
    I enjoyed the build up of the set, the learning points, the banter, the fun, the ‘not quite there’ moments but more than that; the final image.

    Could there be more ‘kitchen table’ tutorials?

    Thank you.

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  5. Jean Jacques Fabien

    Hello Karl,

    I saw your “Ask me anything” and “Q&A” video. I don’t know if it’s the correct place to ask you this but I’ll do since i don’t see elsewhere.

    I’m a professional photographer in Mauritius where I work with some hotels. These hotels propose my services to clients and some chose me via the hotel to cover their Weddings. There is no contract done with the client in this situation and it’s via the hotel that the service is provided (the hotel books me and pay for my services after (several weeks later) being paid by the client). in the package offered it is mentioned that the client gets edited pictures.

    My question is one which has been asked everywhere but where there is not a clear answer.

    Who owns the RAW files of the pictures? Am I the owner of the pictures done for a client or is the client owner of these. I’m asking that because (as you’ll guess) a client after 4 months after delivery of his pictures, comes to me to request also the RAW files. As I’ve always known, RAW files are owned by the photographer but as at today, I read and heard different things about this. Finally, who is the owner of the pictures at least the RAW files?

    I would be very happy if you could give me an insight and what you think about this.

    Thanks and kind regards

    Jean Jacques Fabien

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      Karl Taylor

      Traditionally you should be the copyright holder (owner) of the RAW files. But it depends if you signed a contract saying otherwise with the hotel group.

  6. Simon Q Walden

    My main thing is shooting women, but this kind of frozen motion capture I always enjoy looking at yet I’ve never really gotten round to trying it.

    So, thanks for the inspiration – I now have my Christmas project lined up!

  7. Jaypee Basanez

    I have so many “wow” moments upon watching this and I really enjoyed it too from the start to end. I think it was the effortlessness of the thought and the set up. Utilizing one camera, one speedlight and one glass with plastic ice shape all on the kitchen table. I delighted in the development of the set, the learning focuses, the exchange, the fun, the ‘not exactly there’ minutes but rather more than that; the last picture. Once again thank you for bringing so much happiness in this episode and inspiration! More power!

  8. Gabriel Asulin

    Karl can you do some video how to use miops because I got it and I ask if is ok from you to Teach us how it is work thx for that

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