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A few weeks ago we turned our hands to our first ever music video!

You may remember last year that we worked with Colette Falla on our short film “No Regrets” (she was the girl in the film) if not you can read about it on this blog or follow this link to see it http://www.karltaylormovie.com

However Colette’s main artistic focus is music and she is based in Los Angeles, currently studying music at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. She has previously toured had other acting parts and frequently sings soulful jazz at a few LA nightspots (she’s also a lovely actress and model to work with plus an all round talented young lady and a personal friend of mine).

Her boyfriend is Johan Carlsson of top US band “Carolina Liar” http://www.carolinaliar.com , who have had a number of hits and success in the US albums and singles charts in recent years. Between Colette and Johan they have written and produced a new single titled “Underwater” which is due to be released later this year. Having worked with Colette many times before and most recently on some of our new DVD titles and “No Regrets”, Colette asked me if I’d be interested in filming her music video. Of course I was thrilled to help her out and we decided upon a theme that simply went with the title but was visually engaging and fun…..

But choosing water as the theme did have its drawbacks, firstly it was midwinter here in the UK and the ocean was freezing and secondly cameras just don’t like the stuff (although as usual we still ended up mixing all of these and inevitably I ended up in it!). Anyway I’m not going to give the whole thing away until the finished song and video is ready for release, but I can tell you that we had a lot of fun making it, including filming in scuba gear in a pool, in a bath in my studio and on several cold beach locations too.

Colette was a real star with all we put her through for the filming, especially the underwater sequences and Johan was also fantastic and makes a couple of cameo appearances in the video.

From a photography point of view you might be interested to know that we filmed the whole thing on HD-DSLR cameras using a 5dmk2 and a 7D for the main part of the filming. For the underwater sequences we had the 5Dmk2 in an underwater housing with a dome port and we used Zacuto rigs for the cameras. The studio stuff was a bit more complex but certainly achievable by anyone with a bit of creativity! And you’ll also be pleased to hear that we filmed plenty of behind the scenes footage which we will be posting here when the song and music video are ready for release.

We hope the song will be a really big hit for Colette, I’m sure it will, all the team here really liked it….even after hearing it a thousand times in unusual circumstances and locations!

Here are a few screen grabs and stills from the production and as I mentioned we’ll post the behind the scenes footage as soon as we are allowed ☺

In the studio

In the pool

waiting for a boat

filming on the beach

miming underwater is not easy!

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  2. Colette's Mum

    Great fun watching the making of the music video, never realised how much work was put into making these videos. I was particularly amazed at the hard work that was involved, by all parties, in the shooting underwater, I take my hat off to you all! Really excited and can’t wait to see the final product. A very proud Mum.

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    1. Sandra Rimmer

      Hi Karl once again your natural enthuseasm just blows my mind I love the natural way you instruct your videos I find you very informative also very down to earth I look forward to seeing your video underwater very much

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  4. marilyn

    I can’t wait to see some fottages. I am new at this photography thing but it’s getting more and more interesting with all your tips. I am sure there are lots of techniques that you you’ll show us with this video…

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