Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with - TheNakedCamera

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with #TheNakedCamera

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What can you achieve with just a DSLR and Natural Light? 

I’m very excited to be launching my new natural light portrait course. As you’re probably already aware, I’m well known for shooting with every bit of pro kit I can possibly get my hands on BUT in my new upcoming course, there’s NO excessive kit allowed.

That’s right! I’ll be proving to you all that anyone with the right knowledge (and limited kit) is capable of shooting fantastic portraits.

With this new course you’ll save money on expensive studio/location lighting (No need to haul all that equipment around with you on location shoots) and on completion you’ll be more confident taking stunning natural light photos that elevate you above the competition.

No filters and no Lightroom presets were used in this photo!

NO need for Adobe Lightroom post production, presets or Instagram filters for shots like this!

Don’t simply TAKE a shot…You want to MAKE a shot!

A world of Instagram filters, Lightroom presets and the similar has made many photographers lazy!

Software like Photoshop and Lightroom do play an important part when skillfully used to tweak, enhance and lift elements of your work. These are important skills all photographers should acquire. But…

Filters and presets can be a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut!!

It’s simply too easy to take a bland photo and in one click instantly transform it into something completely and emotionally unrelated to the original scene. It’s lazy and anybody can do it!

So how does this relate to natural light portraiture I hear you ask?

Well, in #TheNakedCamera you’ll learn how to train your mind and your creative eye to seek out composition and lighting opportunities other photographers miss.

You’ll discover which lenses to pick and when to use them whilst using the sun as your backlight to create stunning compositional emotion.

Girl on the train - no studio lights used

Do you know just how versatile your 35mm camera can be?

I’ve become well known for professional studio photography and in this world, using top of the range equipment like Hasselblad medium format cameras are an absolute necessity.


When shooting natural light photography there’s actually an advantage your standard 35mm DSLR offers over these pro studio cameras!

Check out these photos of Evie below – I’m sure you’ll appreciate the beauty of the scene. For various reasons though, this shoot was quite tricky! Aside from the compositional challenge of isolating the model within a very busy scene (which you’ll master in this course), there’s also the ever changing light balance to contend with.

And that’s where your standard DSLR comes in to it’s own.

Girl on the fence

Do you know how to give yourself an immediate advantage when shooting natural light portraits?

Many photographers think to successfully take natural light portraits you need to get creative, be instinctive whilst continuously moving around your subject rapid firing hundreds (and hundreds) of photos. All the time checking the little digital display hoping that something turns out OK.

Maybe this approach works for some photographers but it seems a bit risky to me.

I like to give myself an advantage – I want to reduce this risk and give myself the very best chance of capturing that perfect photograph – especially if someone’s paying for it!

But how can this be done?

First off, let me explain a little how things used to be…

I’m now in my 40s and subsequently honed my photography skills in the days of camera film and dark rooms. We’re now in the digital era and this early foundation knowledge has actually turned out to be a huge advantage.

In those earlier days you couldn’t just go out and shoot hundreds of photos and simply hope that something would work out.

There was a lot more planning involved, you needed to know that the shot was going to be good straight out of camera. You’d then use a dark room and expect good results! 

So how can this process help you and give you an advantage?

In #TheNakedCamera you’ll learn all the thinking processes, planning, the absolute crucial scene requirements, useful tools (even the phone apps I use) to reduce any risk of missing the shot.

  • Shot taken on a wet weather day
  • Family Portraits
  • Girl on the beach - evening sun light
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