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In this video I show you how having tonnes of gear is not always the key to taking amazing photos.

I take you through a really great product shoot in just 10 minutes and prove that understanding photography is the number one aspect to being a great photographer using only these ‘around the house’ items;

  • 4 desk lamps
  • Tape
  • Card
  • Brown fabric
  • A table or wooden surface
  • Tracing paper
  • Your product (which in this case is a bottle of red wine and a wine glass)

Watch a Pro still life video...

When we think about red wine we think about the colour red and warmth. But there is virtually no red visible in a glass or bottle of red wine, so the trick is to invoke the feeling of red and warmth into the shot.

‘How To’ Shoot Red Wine, Professional Photography

Comments 11

  1. Steve Sieling

    Hi Karl

    The most important things that I have learnt from you throughout your superb training courses is to keep your camera on manual wherever possible and don’t be afraid to experiment with different light sources, many of which are free. My equipment has not changed that much, but my results have thanks to you. I have your latest video training on my most wanted wish list for Christmas. keep up the good work.

  2. Sharon

    I have followed Karl and his team for a few years now. I am a huge fan of Karls photography style and skills. His tutorials are the the most informative, jargon free and easy to follow than any other on the internet. Thank you Karl for sharing your vast knowledge and skills……top dude!

  3. Rico

    Hi Karl,

    Can you please tell me the brand and type of tracing paper you use to make your diffusers? In Canada I find it difficult to find this paper and what I have found is used by architects for drafting purposes but it is not very translucent and therefore blocks too much light. Thank you!

    1. Post
      1. frances swan

        loved the video . i love playing around with what ever light i have on hand . some work some dont but always fun to try . and always learning thats the fun part. thank you

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