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My Top ‘How To’ Studio Lighting Set-up Videos

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[cs_content]As you probably already know my photography passion is very much focused on the manipulation of light! Whether it's outdoors natural light or the use of studio lighting indoors or on location. This knowledge is key for your photography. Over the last couple of years we've filmed many studio lighting set-ups with broncolor so this week I decided to pick my ...

We got weird with balloons in China!

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After a crazy week in the studio holding our Advertising workshop I headed straight off (only an hour after the workshop ended!) and began my travels to China to hold workshops at Shoot SHA (Shanghai) and Shoot PEK (Beijing). It was nice to be able to sit down and relax on my 13 hour flight from gatwick to Beijing, something …

How to create a sequence in one shot with no montage!

How to create a sequence in one shot!

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Do you know how to get a complete outdoor action sequence in one shot? In this ‘How To’ video Urs Recher and I explore the ‘alternate’ function of the Siros lights and the broncolor control App. This fantastic feature allows individual firing and timing control of each light. We put it to the test in this exciting basketball shoot. Share this Post

I’m coming to China!

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Hi Guys, I’m very excited to let you all know that I’ll be heading to China in November for Shoot Shanghai and Shoot Beijing events. I’ll be running a series of workshops demonstrating techniques for product photography and other lighting techniques letting you see the way that I work and the processes that I use. Here are the details of …

Sexy Underwear Shoot - How to use studio lighting gels

broncolor ‘How To’ use coloured gels with studio lights

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In this video Urs Recher and I undertake a sexy underwear shoot. As you’ll discover, it’s quite a complex lighting set up. We work mostly with shadows and color fills through the use of reflectors and colored gels. You can now get these gels right here on my site. If you enjoyed the video, please share with your friends – Thank …

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with - TheNakedCamera

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with #TheNakedCamera

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I’m very excited to be launching my new natural light portrait course. As you’re probably already aware, I’m well known for shooting with every bit of pro kit I can possibly get my hands on BUT in my new upcoming course, there’s NO excessive kit allowed. That’s right! I’ll be proving to you all that anyone with the right knowledge (and …

Understand how to edit and manipulate the colors of your images

Do you understand color correction? Here’s a quick overview…

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I want to talk to you a little bit about making color adjustments to images. Now, before you can really adjust or manipulated an image you first need to understand a little bit about the process. When using raw file formats or images displayed on screen we’re generally talking about images that are made up of red green and blue. …

Stunning Model Shoot using Karl Taylor Professional Lighting Gels

New Karl Taylor professional photography gel packs

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This was fun! Shot with my new custom lighting gel packs. Click on the video below… I visit LEE Filters to discover where they actually manufacture and colorize polyester film to ultimately create the gels (diffusion material) which I use in my professional photography studio. Learn the process involved and how they achieve a higher standard of color control over competing …