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David Lund Featured Image
Since creating our Masterclass Photography Courses 6 years ago, our ethos has been to focus on helping students improve their skills without drowning them in confusion and technical jargon.

Whether a complete DSLR beginner or a professional looking to expand their photography repertoire to new horizons, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the highest level in photography education. With that said, we love to shout out about our success stories and David Lund is no exception.

David was already a successful designer but 5 years ago he decided on a career change by turning his passion for photography into a business. Following significant investment on photography studio kit, David decided to progress his photography knowledge with our Pro Masterclass Photography Courses. His passion, dedication and commitment has now made him an extremely successful professional photographer with a string of “blue chip” clients to his portfolio.

The team and I feel extremely proud of his success and the small part we had to play and thank him kindly for his comments below.

David Lund's Grant's Whiskey Campaign

David Lund’s Grant’s Whisky Campaign Photograph

In a recent interviewed by Topaz Labs about his Grant’s Whisky photo shoot he even mentioned our training 🙂

“I learned a great deal about lighting from Karl Taylor when I first started off. It was his courses that were the key for me. It taught me to understand how to control light to achieve the image you want. Change the way someone feels and they will remember the image.”David Lund, Professional Photography

David Lund’s Grant’s Whisky Behind The Scenes Video

I hope this helps inspire you too! You can see more of this photo shoot and learn more about David Lund and his work by clicking here.


Karl Taylor

Learn more about Karl Taylor
Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world’s leading companies. Click here to learn how Karl has helped hundreds of photographers improve their skills.

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  1. Duncan

    The whisky in itself is and looks good, there was no need to spill and splash it to try to make it look any better. Pretty boring photos of a nice whisky, i am sure someone with your skills could have thought up another way of showing it off to its best without resorting to stereotypical photos :(.
    Please don’t get me wrong the execution is perfect, its just I find the photos very boring and un-enticing. and that they don’t show anything any other blended whisky could have shown

    1. Karl Taylor

      Hi Duncan, this blog post article is about a student of ours David Lund who is now a professional photographer. These photos were his and he shot them for Grants Whisky company who commissioned the shoot and it was their brief for style of the pictures. David executed the brief perfectly and I believe his client was very happy.

    1. Karl Taylor

      Hi Glen, i’m not sure you read the article properly? These are not my photos, this work is by David Lund a professional photographer who used our pro training to further his knowledge.

    1. Karl Taylor

      Hi John, these are not my photos the work is by David Lund a professional photographer who used our pro training to further his knowledge.

  2. Lee Mandrell

    This is awesome! I have been shooting all my life as well, but started following your classes with OP, then transitioning with you from there. It doesn’t matter how old we get or are, we can always learn something from someone else if we set our ego aside and are open to it. I am always open to learning something new. I appreciate all you have done and are still doing. I have went on to have success in publishing. I have four books in various stages of production with the first due out early this year. I have landed calendar contracts that are still ongoing and also greeting cards, destination guides, and also decor for business. My primary interest is landscapes and no matter how many people told me it can’t be done, it’s too saturated, I kept pushing forward. I can’t thank you enough for what you do, you are truly a class act Karl. 🙂

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