Karl Taylor's NEW Friend - EP010

Karl Taylor’s new “friend” – EP#010

Karl Taylor Photo Studio Vlog 26 Comments

Happy New Year everyone… we’ve got 2017 started so I though why not show you what we got up to over the holidays before it’s too late. See our staff night out and meet the latest addition to our team!

I have an important piece of tutorial news for you. You definitely don’t want to miss the next video…

All the best,

P.S. Please comment below… let us know you’re here and what photography topics you’re keen to learn about in 2017 🙂

Comments 26

  1. Viva Habbit Van Assen

    I have no name for your new team member , the only thing I can say you are crazy in a totally good.

    keep it coming.

  2. Sharon

    Hzppy New Year to all the Team! Including your new member who looks so at home with you crazy guys! To me, she looks like a ‘Karlotta’…just saying!

  3. Len Smith

    Well you won’t have to pay her much Karl that’s for sure she doesn’t have a speaking part. How about Polly Perfect as she knows when to keep her mouth shut.

    Could do with some more bits on landscape and seascape especially in low light

  4. Jan

    Hi Karl,
    although I am not doing so much studio photography I like your tutorials. I always learn something about techniques or hardware, and your teaching style is really fun!
    I don’t have a wish for a topic, but for your blog: I would like to add your blog to my feed reader (Thunderbird), but it does not accept your web address as RSS feed. The W3C Feed Validator also says the feed is not readable. Could you please check this and add a link to a working RSS feed? Thanks a lot!
    Best regards from Germany

  5. DaveM

    I have been practicing portraiture with this mannequin for several years. She is infinitely patient while I work out the details of a shoot. Her name is Shirley.

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