Karl Taylor's Beauty Lighting Walkthrough

Karl Taylor’s Beauty Lighting Walkthrough – EP#013

Karl Taylor Photo Studio Vlog 15 Comments

A quick walkthrough of the lights I used to shoot this image and where I had them placed.

Enjoy the video,

PS. Is there any more studio lighting techniques you’d like to know more about? Please comment below and I’ll see what I can do in the next video walkthrough 🙂

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  1. Charles Gerbex

    Please don’t take this as a criticism as I think your tutorials and videos are excellent, but you really need to proof read your on screen text before posting. Your Student Profiles graphic is a perfect example, sorry.

  2. Marc Bourget

    Hi Karl,

    Thanks for sharing. A couple questions for you what monitor are you using and can you do your edits right on there as opposed to a wacom tablet?

    second question is about your squarepsace template would you mind sharing which template you are using that allows the scrolling front page where enter has to be clicked to get to the nuts and bolts of a website?

  3. L en Burgess

    Excellent as always. Your presentations always impart so much better as a visual rather than by reading the instructions. There is always more to learn and a different prospective can only improve the experience. Easy to think you can do it but the little pointers make so much difference when experienced visually.Thankyou .

  4. Rob Darts

    Hi Karl
    Firstly many thanks for your tutorials – they really are informative and I look forward to putting the knowledge gained into action. If you get a chance & you think it worthwhile it would be great to get your take on taking light meter readings and how they interact with the settings on the flash heads and camera apertures. I suppose I’m asking for a bit of an insight as to how you arrive at camera / flash head power settings that have the most impact on how your final images look.
    Thanks once again.

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