Baggage handling broke my stuff! – Episode #003

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Baggage handling broke my stuff! – ASK ME ANYTHING!

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  1. Paul Hawkins

    I would like to know details about your studio construction. Details about walls, ceiling, and floors. What kind of materials, paint/color, etc

  2. Rick McHaffey

    How do you make the transition to getting paid for your work? How do you get to the point of having your own studio and making enough to pay for everything to be able to expand your work?

    I am to the point that I can’t find paying clients even with impressive portfolio. Is it just that more people are less likely to want to pay for photography because of cellphone? I really want this to be my career and I have invested in myself and my equipment but I just seem to have problems getting there…

  3. Denis Stosic

    Hi Karl, thank you for your learning videos – they can help anyone regardles of skill and equipment level, to become better photographer. Maybe some ideas about studio table top photography of highly reflective round surfaces please?

  4. Dallas Thomas

    Karl, I was love the your VLOGS and tips and I am a long term watcher. My question is lens related I shoot Nikon D4S & D800 and use primes alot as I find a 35mm a perfect focal length to shoot street scenes in Paris and other cities. My primes are currently all 1.8 lens, would I see a great deal of difference if I upgraded to 1.4’s or even went to a Zeiss lens.


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  5. Robert taylor

    I think you should service and repair you equipment more as im one which believe we waist too much the slider and both tripods could possibly be repaired

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      Karl Taylor

      I agree with you Robert and at the studio we have a recycling policy on cardboard, plastic and try to make things last. We have lots of gear that is ancient but in this instance it would have been as much to repair as it was to replace, especially if you consider the packing, postage and return costs and the inconvenience of having to wait for the goods with no alternatives to use in the meantime. But otherwise completely agree with you.

  6. Martin

    Hi Carl

    Could you do something on infinity focus with old manual glass on modern cameras? In fact manual focusing help would be useful. I’m concerned as everytime I manually focus, I’m usually 99% of the way along how far the focus rings turn before everything looks in focus – this can’t be right can it?

  7. Don

    What an enjoyable video! Karl was clearly in an upbeat mood and his casual approach was very watchable. Keep that stuff up!

    Being a poor photographer, I am slowly upgrading my game. I have a D810 and a premium lens collection, but my lighting is woeful. I have been using several off-brand flashguns for affordability and ease of use / transport, but desperately need to begin adding better lights.

    Keeping in mind the *impoverished* bit, what would you recommend as a first purchase to incrementally begin this process? The light is only one part of course, as it will need a modifier and sturdy stand and perhaps a portable power supply later down the road. Then I will want to add a second light when I can, so if you could recommend a three light upgrade, taken in steps, that would be incredibly helpful.

    Thanks for all your hard work. Your video classes are proving to be transformative to my photography and stand head and shoulders above the other offerings I have wasted money on.


  8. Mike Johnson

    Karl, as you asked. In your experience, when you are alone with a DSLR and you want to carry around three or four lenses for quick change. You cannot put them in a back pack because it takes too long. What case or carrier would you recommend please?

  9. Anthony Scott

    Hey Karl,

    I have a question for your Q&A video. When it comes to lighting a single subject I think I have a good foundation and get good results, much in part due to the knowledge I’ve gained from the lessons that I purchased from you. However, I sometimes find it challenging to light groups without dealing with differences in exposure, and the casting of shadows from one person onto the next. I usually just back up the strobes and hope for the best.

    I have experience lighting sports teams of 50-60 people without issue, but that’s mainly just making sure everyone is lit. It’s not the artistic type of sculpted lighting that I use for portraiture. I want to light a family of 5 just as artistically as a single model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You’re doing a great job with the vlogs, so keep up the good work!



  10. Barry Amos

    Hi Karl and the team,

    I have an annoying Photoshop problem which I have managed to get over after a lot of messing about.
    Firstly I have made several background coloured files the correct size to suit my other file dimensions for the composite.

    I have cut out multiple images of Lily blooms leaving them with a transparent background with the idea of placing them in a frame as a composite, overlapping as I felt looked good. Once set in the image and looking good, I move the composite file over op of the chosen background moving the composite file about until it lines up as I want it, Great so far except
    where I have been moving the individual files about, up, down or turning them about, I presume where the edges of the cut out files would have been, I am left with a multitude of thin black lines, over different parts of the image.
    The only way I seem to be able to get rid of the lines although the frames are transparent, I can not, remove on each layer so they must be the outside edges, is to flatten the image then take them out with the spot healing brush etc..
    Any ideas.

  11. Paul Streeter-Staniford

    Hi Karl, I really admire your work.
    I was wondering if I could use white parchment paper as a scrim?
    Well I guess I can but is it any good or is it not worth it?

  12. Rodney Cosner

    Karl, what equipment do you use for post processing, computer, monitor, software etc? Can you suggest something for a budget minded enthusiast.

  13. Kim

    Hi Karl, I struggle with focusing don’t know where I am going wrong, I have a D5200 and a 50mm – 1.8 lens Nikon and yet most of my photos are out of focus please help. Tried faster shutter speed and still blurry.

  14. XTaki

    Hi Karl,

    my question is related how to be paid photographer. I’m getting better and better, but i can’t see the next customers who can paid for my job. I have primary job of course so i dont have too much time to spend it on taking free photo to widespread my quality. I have spent several thousand of $ to get the gears and i dont want to spent more on more prof gear and own studio. I offer my solutions for anyone who is interested to have better pictures and they are satisfied. But that’s all. So what now? I miss a key moment.

    ps : your sessions are the best learning way beside the practice 🙂 and i’d like to spend money on them…but i need to be paid photographer in order to that 😀

  15. Steve

    I’ve been curious about this for a while. You use arguably the best camera in the world, i.e., Hasselblad.

    However on occasion you shoot with Canon? Not saying Canon does not make a fine camera but why not use Hasselblad all the time?

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  16. Anne Comer

    Hi Karl,

    Thank you for all the work you put into your videos.
    I would like to know which tripod and gimbal head to use for a Canon 7D mk11 with a Sigma 150-600mm S Lens, used for bird and wildlife photography.

  17. Trevor Dawkins

    I want to asks what your recommendations, on minimum size for a Home base studio is. Reason I ask is that I want to look a Home Studio, until I can get enough capital to rent a larger studio.

  18. Rick Greene

    no question, just to let you know that because of you I had the courage to photograph all our neighbors who wanted to, as our Christmas gift to them. Had 6 folks show up and I think it went fine. currently trying to do a little work on them I shot Green screen thank you and marry Christmas to your family both your working family and your personal family.

  19. Nick Morton

    Hi Karl,
    I’m currently doing your “natural light” course and like the way you shoot through plants in front of the model to give a 3d look. My question relates to DOF. Is it the same on all lenses? What I mean is, if I shoot from the same place using 2 different lenses, say a zoom and a prime both at 50mm and f1.8 will the result be the same, or does it depend on the lens?
    BTW – do you have WD40 in the UK? If so, spraying it on your tripod legs after a beach session helps stop rust, because it expells water! Cheers.

  20. Barry Fisher

    Can I ask you which batteries you use to power your digital backs. I have a Leaf Aptus ll on a Mamiya 645 AFD ll that I bought recently and it seems to eat the batteries I use. Also, if you could tell me how to get the back discoverable I would appreciate it. My computer can find it but I cannot get into the card while it is in the back, and so, cannot shoot untethered.
    When you buy things off of ebay it is very difficult to ask questions about the product.
    I can never afford your courses but I watch you videos with relish, and I enjoy them immensely.
    Thank you for being so free with you knowledge.

    Barry Fisher

  21. MIke Harding

    Karl –
    I’ve been enjoying and appreciating your emails, etc., for some time now. The video blogs are a great addition to your valuable material. One suggestion is to improve upon the audio quality – it is very tin can-ish – sounds like you’re far away (much like a person in a car with bad blue tooth connectivity.
    Thanks again for all you do!

  22. Scott DAbinett

    Hi Karl. The one area of landscape photography I struggle with, now that I have a full frame camera is achieving the correct point of focus to get full depth of field. I tend to use f16 but still find I usually get a soft foreground or back ground. Can you explain where you focus when shooting landscape.

  23. Bill Spicer

    I am looking to buy a Telephoto lens for my Nikon 3200 Camera. I want to use it mostly for Outdoor Wildlife Shots. There are so many to choose from at all kinds of different Prices, I don’t know how to select the right one for me. Cost is important but I also want Quality. Can you advise. Merry Christmas to you and your Family. Be well.

  24. Colin Norfolk

    Hi Karl, I love my Canon 70D, i want to move up (slightly as funds don’t stretch too far) am looking at 7D Mk2 or 5D Mk3, any suggestions.

  25. Yaseen Mohammed-Graham

    Hello Karl,

    I would love to know more about which studio lighting to purchase? I know this can depend on what you are shooting but there is such a range of lighting out there and also the brands.

  26. Rick Maiers

    Hi Karl,

    2 questions. 1) Which white balance setting do you use when shooting at night?
    …and…2) I want to start using ND filters. What is an appropriate first ND filter for landscape ? I shoot with a DSLR prime and zoom lenses and planning on acquiring stepping rings.

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