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Well it all went very, very well… Here’s just a small selection of feedback from our students. We’re going to make these LIVE photo workshop shows a regular thing so remember to follow us on Facebook or email so you don’t miss the next date 🙂

Brilliant. I‘ve been following Karl’s work for a few years now, but to actually get the chance to see the whole process from beginning to end was excellent. Karl was able to explain his thought process while putting the shot together – invaluable in helping to understand the mind of a great photographer. I can’t wait for the next oneMatthew Armsby
For everyone who wants to get into product photography, this workshop is the right one for you no matter from what part of the world you are from. Karl is a great instructor with an expert knowledge wich he likes to share with his students. Beside the online workshop I have participated in two workshops in Guernsey. The online workshop is a really good solution it made it comfortable for me to learn at home without spending a lot of time and travel expenses. The quality of the online workshop is at the highest stage and is well organised. Thank you Karl I learned a lot.All the bestRobert
I gained loads of information and shaved time off my learning curve from the well-organized product photography webinar put on by Karl and his team. Multiple fixed video camera positions and a roving cameraman insured we saw all the action. The webinar covered four examples from concept to finished shot, with plenty of behind the scenes tips, including lower budget and DIY alternatives for the lighting solutions presented.Alan Coley
Dear Karl Taylor Team, thank you for a great LIVE Workshop. The Workshop was perfectly organised. It was easy to follow. Karl Taylor explains everything very clearly. Live Chat was great. All the questions I asked were answered. I really liked that there were several product shots so one could see different lightning setups. And it was great that Karl showed the effect of every single light separately. It made the whole lightning set up very understandable. I learned a lot during the Workshop!Veronika
First of all – I must say a massive “thank you” to Karl and the team!! Not only for enlightening me with the very first “live” tutorial but also for the many other tutorials I have watched. Karl has a fantastic ability to convey his knowledge and passion and explains complex things in such a logical way. With the live tutorial it was so much more than revealing a few tricks here and there, it allowed me to see the effect of lighting and how to reflect it, bounce it, diffuse it, mirror it, or block it in order to get that perfect shot. All done in such logical stages. I can’t recommend Karl’s courses highly enough for beginners right up to advanced level – you will learn, learn, learn! You are truly inspiring and my goal is to keep shooting until one day my work makes it to a billboard! As one of your biggest fans I would love any opportunity to be part of such eye-opening events either in your tutorials or classes or even assisting you when switching the power on and off 🙂Zara
Hi,my name is Shenghan,I live in Taiwan, I’m a student in Karl Taylor’s product & advertising photography webinar, before this, I’ve already watched so many videos in youtube by him, I know he makes excellent works in commercial photography, as you know, shooting product is not easy, even for an experienced photographer, once you did the wrong thing in a single part, it ends to be awful, so I think its the right way to find a right teacher, and Karl does. I highly recommend this webinar, it shows so many useful skills of shooting product, and shows how to control light precisely, it absolutely help me gain knowledge. For example, when he showed the way to shoot glass bottle, I saw how precisely it need to control every single light and how to use picolite to help the work done, when he shot the perfume, he showed how to combine slow shutter with flash to create a perfect shot. After joined this webinar, student may discover that good product photo is not only about lighting or shooting product its own, but also with placing the right decoration, fortunately Karl also taught us some useful skills, it’s lucky to have learned that before I really get started. The other good reason of the webinar is students could ask questions as they want during the show, it’s just like we stay in the real classroom, and most importantly, using webinar could save the cost from traveling a long distance to a real studio(although I really want to go there if I could), so I think this webinar suits students like me, this is why I recommend those who want to learn deep in product photography to join the webinar, it did really help so much, thank you Karl.Shenghan

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  1. Fred Bowes

    Very informative and extremely interesting. I was, however, surprised to see mugs of coffee/tea on the table housing all that expensive gear; could well be a recipe for disaster. Keep up the good work Karl and team; I never tire of watching your videos.

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