From “tea bags” to prime time BBC TV – EP#016

Karl Taylor Photo Studio Vlog 16 Comments

See the BBC’s prime time TV article for The One Show… featuring a fantastic crew of helpers, me, my Hasselblad and over 650 school kids! The plan was to recreate one of Arthur Mole’s living photographs and in this VLOG episode you get to enjoy the behind scenes footage.

See how I used ‘tea bags’ to plan a shot that was to be broadcast on prime time TV! It wasn’t all as ‘plain sailing’ as I’d planned in the studio!

Enjoy, Karl
P.S. Did you watch it on TV? Please Comment below and let us know what you thought – thank you!

Comments 16

  1. Denis Stosic

    These is one impressive work from whole team. Kids where fantastic, and Karl and his team overcome so much difficulties during the process. One who has courage and persistence to overcome difficulties, (broken lift, bad weather), and keep on going, wins at the end – hence, the SAS motto; “Who Dares Wins” could be applied here. These video is not just about photography, it is a statement how photographers should work at their best. Congratulations to whole team, from sunny Croatia!

  2. warren mcculloch

    What can i say Karl,except( Epic) I don,t think i could’ve been brave enough to stand in the cage 50ft high, well done to you and your crew and of course the children.Great shot.

  3. Neil Pettit

    It was fun to watch and entertaining, could have been run for longer to give more background and detail as you do in your video. Good feature, I’ve suggested to my daughter they do it at their school to celebrate the Head Teacher leaving soon.

  4. Fadi Nassif

    It’s very creative and artistic, this is not the first time you make us impressed with your work. Amazing and very talented, wish you all the luck and success…

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