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A Harris Hawk in flight… What a fantastic first shoot for the new studio!

It was great to welcome Robert and his incredible friend Freyja the hawk back. This time though we had all the space needed to nail the shot that I couldn’t achieve last year in our previous studio.

After capturing some beautiful animal portraits of this magnificent hawk a year ago I was desperate to try a shot of her in flight. Between Robert and I we calculated the best way to achieve this and I devised a lighting setup that would light Freyja from the front but also backlight through the wings. You can see the setup in the video.

I’m over the moon with the resulting image and also extremely pleased that this new space allows myself and the team to work on even more creative and dynamic images going forwards.

If you haven’t seen the new studio check out some of the images below and keep in mind that we will be running some exclusive new professional workshops in 2015, stay tuned for more details soon.

I hope you enjoy the video and final image.


Click on the photograph below for a detailed view:

Click on the image to see the full size version!

Click on the image to see the full size version!

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Check out the new photography studio:

We will be announcing our new studio workshop dates next week.

If you are interested in coming over to Guernsey and meeting up with both myself and the team to learn and shoot some incredible photography then you can register your interest here – Karl Taylor Workshops 🙂

Plenty of photography studio equipment to get your hands on!

Plenty of photography studio equipment to get your hands on!


The perfect photography studio to learn in comfort.

The perfect photography studio to learn in comfort.


Use our cameras and also bring your own if you would like

Use our cameras and also bring your own if you would like


When you enter the photography studio...

When you enter the photography studio…


Kitchen and hang-out area

Kitchen and hang-out area


Kitchen and hang-out area

Kitchen and hang-out area


Extensive equipment to master during your workshop dates

Extensive equipment to master during your workshop dates


Overhead view of photography workshop studio space

Overhead view of photography workshop studio space


Learn more about Karl Taylor

Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world’s leading companies. Click here to learn how Karl has helped hundreds of photographers improve their skills. If you want to learn more from Karl on polarisers get instant access to that and loads more tutorials then check out Karl Taylor’s FREE photography course here.

Comments 22

  1. Marco

    Stunning shot Karl (as usual).
    Just a question:
    Have you preset the the focus on a spot, or have you let working the Hasselblad autofocus?
    The focus is extremely sharp!

  2. Dirk Speltincx

    Absolutely love the shot (wonderfull studio too, one can only dream to have that kind of space), but since i’m only beginner/intermediate with photography, i keep wondering how to focus this kind of shots. Do you use autofocus servo, or do you set focus on a fixed point using a large depth of field? Thank you

  3. Ted Eggs

    Hi Karl and the team.
    Wow your first ‘in flight’ movie! Beautiful pictures as ever.
    And what a studio to work in.
    Fabienne’s studio intro movie is going to be really interesting.
    I am looking forward to read of the courses on your lovely island.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. William

    Hi Karl,

    Wonderful video and I love the new studio! Both are an inspiration.

    Question on the hawk shoot. What was the relationship of power output between the Para that was behind you (facing the hawk), and the other two smaller Paras in front of you (behind the hawk)?

    Thanks and regards,


  5. Sourajit Banerjee.

    Hi Karl,
    I’m an ardent follower of yours and I have learnt a lot from your courses. From the first day I was in love with your style of work and your studio. So the last time I received your mail which stated you guys will be again shifting your studio I wondered what else you guy had in mind that your shifting from your current studio. From the pictures we have seen it feels like you have taken things to a different level altogether man. What a place to work. Your surely are shooting with style. Request you plz make a video of your new studio as Fabian did last time. Would love to see it.
    Thanks for all the courses and videos you do to help us. Hope we will meet in person someday.
    All the Best.
    Sourajit Banerjee

  6. Robert

    Hey Karl,

    I just saw something of your new studio, it looks very nice!

    I wonder, with what kind of paint you painted the floor, how did you do
    this, is it just over a wooden floor? and is it what you mind had?

    Like to hear from you.

  7. Georgina

    Karl, simply beautiful. Your studio and your fantastic shot of the Hawk. I’ve followed you for some time as I find your tuition and explanations of how you achieve your shots, so simple to understand and extremely motivating. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Doc

    Hi Karl
    A great studio that you have obviously worked extreamly hard to achieve throught you career. Perhaps not within the reach of the average photographer.

    The work with the raptor is absolutly superb and you have provided some outstanding imagry.

    Keep producing the video’s as it is good to see how top level toggs are producing great work

    Kind regards


  9. Ross Mona

    Hi Karl what a fantastic way to kick off the new studio. Hard work eventually pays off. Hope we get a studio tour soon with some of your thoughts on the design. Looks very professional Karl and I can’t wait to see some of the magic you create in there. Cheers from Australia.

  10. Richard Wintle

    Very nice indeed.

    Wondering about the temperature in the studio – your assistant is pretty bundled up, the hawk handler is also wearing a lot and you’ve got a fleece sweatshirt on. Is it cold for the hawk… or just “new studio heating system” cold? 😉

  11. John Hinton

    Hi Karl, what a wonderful studio. I assume that you are going to give courses there. It is too bad I live so far away (in Canada).
    I have most of your dvds and because of them I have really improved my photography. I also really appreciate all your free videos that you post.
    Enjoy your new space,


    1. Karl Taylor

      Hi John, you are of course more than welcome to make the trip and enjoy your stay while here! There are actually some interesting historic links between Guernsey and Canada. Details on our workshops can be found here http://www.karltaylorphotography.com/workshops/, if any of them take your fancy then let us know. We already have participants flying in from Sweden, Ecuador, USA and elsewhere! Thanks for your support as a customer of our DVD products we appreciate it. All the best Karl.

  12. Jessica Matthews

    I never thought that’s even possible. The first thing I thought when I saw the picture: How big is his studio!? Wonderful photo. 🙂

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