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This month our team made the journey to Birmingham’s NEC to exhibit at Europe’s biggest annual photography trade show ‘Focus on Imaging’. A mean feat when you’re travelling with two packed vehicles, a 13 hour ferry journey and a 2 hour drive.

The four days saw an incredible 34,500 visitors many of who were captivated by our 3 daily photo shoots – a fashion shoot, an exciting high-speed flash shoot capturing smashing wine glasses, then the afternoon saw us giving away some secrets of product photography.

The Karl Taylor Photography stand was conveniently positioned between Canon and Hasselblad attracting swarms of viewers and to our surprise, effortlessly outnumbered viewers of both global giants. Canon often had to discourage Karl Taylor fans off of their stand who were using it as a vantage point and also found fans ‘testing’ out their telephoto lenses to get a better view! The show was a massive success and our small team pleasantly surprised by the huge impact we made at our first large trade show.

The show has not only firmly positioned the company as the market leader in photography training, but also affirmed recognition from manufacturers with exciting trade and retail partnerships established.

The Karl Taylor team has been receiving lots of positive feedback including:

“Enjoyed your show yesterday Karl. I’d like to have said ‘hello’ but I couldn’t get anywhere near you the crowds were so big!” Geoff Astle

“Your stand was the main reason I made the 260 mile round trip and you certainly didn’t disappoint. Thank you!” Andy Carver

“Thank you for coming to the show Karl, brilliant, a complete breath of fresh air.” Jon Allen

“100% Best stand at the show! Really enjoyed the three demonstrations!” Cristian Brigo

“I have to say your demonstrations far outweighed the others I watched today. Your first demonstration on light and portraiture was a revelation. The other demonstrators should watch you to learn more about photography and lighting!” Anthony Howard

It was a pleasure to work in association with Hasselblad and broncolor at the show. I think our live demonstrations not only wowed the crowd but also demystified some of the more complex areas of the pro market and showed just how clear and professional our training methods really are.

I must say it was also extremely hard work being on your feet for 4 days and presenting the live shows but I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the whole team. I found it really encouraging and exciting to meet lots of our fans in person and have a chance to talk with them, in many ways it was quite overwhelming. I’ve never signed so many autographs or had my picture taken with so many different people and we weren’t expecting that at all! I guess our internet fame and following is the reason, but I hadn’t really accounted for that before the show! Thanks to everyone who came to see us and show your support I hope you all enjoyed the live shows as much as we did.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to Chris Burfoot from broncolor and Mark Witney at Hasselblad for all their help with equipment support for our shows and making sure that it all went smoothly for us!

I would also like to thank Bianca Swan our stylist for sorting out all the clothes and making the models look even more lovely. Plus thanks to Creasey’s Franchise and Freelove for the clothes and of course our models Sophie and Evija plus John Fitzgerald of FitzLab

It was also fantastic to meet the legendary photographer Tim Flach, I would have loved to have a longer chat with him under less hectic conditions as I’ve been a great admirer of his work for many years. You can learn more about Tim’s fantastic work at his website timflach.com

If you didn’t get a chance to get the show then check out some of the highlights in the video above. Plus we are giving all those who missed out on the show discounts the opportunity to get 15% off of any of our product range by using this coupon code FOCUS13 before the 21st of March 2013. Remember this is a one-time only offer, we don’t and can’t afford to discount our products beyond the deals already on our website so take advantage of this while you can!

Here’s some behind the scenes shots from the whole show and experience.

Saturday night, will our stand be ready on time?

The back wall looks good

Chris Burfoot checks that I don’t run off with the priceless Hasselblad Lunar landing camera

I wonder how much I could get for this on Ebay

It’s fair to say that we drew a bit of a crowd! – © John Fitzgerald

Karl uses the ‘Death Star’ for this shot

I’m not sure what I was saying here but I remember getting really excited 🙂  © Inan Aksoy

Tim’s accuracy at throwing wine glasses was astounding –  © Inan Aksoy

Sophie from our live ‘Seduction of Light’ shows

Evija gets blasted with the wind machine in our ‘Seduction of Light’ show

We had a smashing time! This result from our ‘Speed of Light’ Show

The result of our live ‘Secrets of Light’ show

Four legs are better than two

Don’t stand next to tall models in heels if you are only 5ft 7.

With the guys from Hasselblad & broncolor

Our cabin on the ferry was a bit cosy


All images © copyright Karl Taylor Photography except where stated otherwise.

And last but not least, see the link below…. we all go a bit crazy!
The Hasselblad Harlem Shake


Learn more about Karl Taylor
Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world’s leading companies. Click here to learn how Karl has helped hundreds of photographers improve their skills. If you want to learn more from Karl on polarisers get instant access to that and loads more tutorials then check out Karl Taylor’s FREE photography course here.

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  1. nurman nay

    Hallo Mr.Karl Taylor ..
    Your work in the world of photography makes me add zest for learning photography …
    You are my inspiration in the world of photography …

  2. Phil Spatcher

    Hi Karl

    An absolutely outstanding show by you and all of your entourage, it must be quite a feat to do all that you did on demand and for such a large crowd but you did exactly that and with amazing style.

    Thanks for the inspiration, you really made the show for me and lots of others by the sound of it!

    Kind Regards


  3. Gavin

    Hello Karl,

    Wish i could have see your shows, the crowds were just to big. Tried watching on the screen but although i could see it ok, i couldn’t hear you properly, any chance of a slightly better sound system for next year?
    Best Wishes,
    Hope to see you there next time,

  4. Post
  5. Wayne


    There is something wrong with the links on the right column of your site.
    They are not rendering correctly.
    Thought you’d like to know if you weren’t aware.

    PS: love your stuff!

  6. Peter

    I concur with ALL the comments left, I’ts a pity that I was unable to get close to all the action due to the huge crowd,I hope to see you next year Karl and the team.
    In a word -BRILLIANT demos

  7. Tony Bryan

    Congratulations on one that looks like a great stand at the show . You obviously had a good time with your crew. I live in Spain but going to try and visit you next year.

    Well Done.


  8. Roger

    Hi Karl
    I purchased your 4 dvd set and already found them very good. This year was the first in 5 years i missed focus . I am now kicking myself after seeing your Video of the show must have been great from all the comments I have read.Will you be there 2014?. I will be going ,cant miss 2 years in a row.
    Looking forward to more video”s on your site the micro video;s i have seen before so looking forward to some New ones when you get chance. BTW dont drop any more filters and try a pair of wellies next time your on the coast.Ha
    Cheers for a great site

  9. Paul

    We wanted to come to the show but as you know crossing the most expensive water in the world from jersey to uk is a problem when you leave it to the last week to book. We will book early next year for sure. Looks like a great show. Well done to you and your team.

  10. Nuno

    Unfortunately I couldn’t attent this year.
    But after seeing that Harlem Shake I’m even more sorry that I couldn’t go, it was brilliant! 🙂

    Cheers from Portugal,

  11. Joseph Requerme

    Wow!! that’s one of a kind photoshow. I have been following your work and made your photos my inspiration and improved my skills by watching your videos only. Hoping to get more free video tutorials.

    1. Post
      Karl Taylor

      Hi Joseph, We are hoping you might also consider buying some of more in-depth training as we can’t just do free stuff or we wouldn’t be able to anything at all 🙂

  12. Brin

    Having had your free lessons for over 12 months I visited Focus to see for myself and to buy your Ultimate Cours – and to make your acquaintance.

    Pleased I did – and now look forward to a great learning relationship with you and your team.

  13. Malcolm

    Had a great time at the stand and was great to meet you Karl you all did a great job as of coarse you would 😉

  14. eds

    I worked a 13 hours night shift, and we drove straight to Birmingham to see him. I actually managed to get close and talk to him. He was actually very friendly and nice. Two of my favourite shots that he did, was actually on display in his stand. It was worth the journey. I hope next year they would have the exhibit in London.


    Hi Karl & All the Team
    If there had been a best in show you and your team would have won hands down AAA********
    Thanks Kevin

  16. JUSUE T.

    Hi KT (Karl Team)! I’m really a big fan of yours! and hope you can come back in Dubai, surely I will not miss it! thank’s for all your wonderful tutorials and still saving to buy your DVD collection (masterclass)

    you and you’re team did a very good job on FOCUS 2013! Congrats!

  17. Allen Taylor

    Having watched your excellent demonstrations at the show I purcheds two of your training DVDs which are the best I have seen on the market and have purched the remaining two today. I would without hesitation recommend them to anyone as excellent value for money. Thank you for making my day at Focus so worthwhile. Can’t wait to see you next year. Well done to you Karl and all your team.

    1. Post
  18. eugene

    karl please some one has hep me with nikon camera but i dont have a flash so if you can help me with one which the price is low because i dont have money.Thaks for acepting me god bless you.

    1. Post
  19. Barry Oxley

    Hi Karl And the Team.

    Was good meeting you all on the first day , loved the exhibition and seeing the great
    stuff you do..
    I bought the Ultimate DSLR DVD collection and i’m well impressed.
    your teaching methods are easy and also funny at times.
    I”m off to France in a few weeks time and can’t wait to try out my new learned skill.
    can’t wait till next years show already

    big thanks for spending the time to teach others your amazing skills.

    Baz ;0)

  20. Isaac

    My first show, and I had a great time. I also had the opportunity to say thank you to one of your team for the great customer service and support whilst studying one of your DVD Masterclasses.

    Regards to all.

  21. Dougie

    Hi Karl and the Gang.

    Your stand at this years Focus seems to have definitely been the place to be, so sorry I missed it.
    Why not ask the organisers for a 360 degree demo area in a central place for next years show? I’m thinking it should be given free to you in return for all of the extra visitors you would undoubtably bring to the event.

    I’ve registered my interest in your DVD set with my good lady as an ideal present for my upcoming birthday, so fingers crossed………

    Kind regards

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