Every Photography Studio needs this stuff – EP#007

Karl Taylor Photo Studio Vlog 3 Comments

Why are certain pieces of kit so essential to a photography studio. I go through the items and why I rely on them so much in my day to day photography work.

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  1. Brian Moore

    Karl, I watched this Vlog with interest. I think this may interest you.
    When you assembled the C-stands and put a strobe on the boom…you then seemed to have problems running the power cable along the boom and down the vertical stand. The cable kept slipping off the fitting and draping its self all over the place and getting in the way of a foot or arm etc .
    I had the same problem but finally went to a garden centre and bought myself a pack of ties that they use to tie seedling stems to a support stake to keep them growing straight up.
    They are green plastic Figure-of-8’s and easily clip round the thick C-stand pole and a boom.
    Why not try them as it will keep your cables organised and out of the way.

  2. Doug Geiger

    Hey Karl! Very helpful overview of some key accessories. These posts are a nice compliment to your paid course, most of which I have purchased.

    One favor: would you please list the names of the items in the description, with or without the brands you chose? I ask because I am looking to get some of the clamps you showed and I am not sure of the correct spelling. I replayed the portion of the video several times and still haven’t guessed correctly on my end to provide decent search results. 🙂

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