Diving, Models and Photography Competitions - EP#017

Diving, Models and Photography Competitions – EP#017

Karl Taylor Photo Studio Vlog 16 Comments

Here’s the Cinnamon Sri Lanka Photo Contest link again! Photocontest.CinnamonHotels.com and the AOP Student Awards 2017 Competition link here The-AOP.org/Awards/Student-Awards-2017

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Comments 16

  1. Steve

    I am just a hobbyist photographer. No commercial work but still like listening to some of your videos.
    At one time you demonstrate a sound trigger. I lost the info as to what brand it was.

  2. Colin Camidge

    I’m not a pro ‘tog’ just enthusiastic amateur. So don’t need a web site.
    Don’t like underwater, sorry.
    Although, I’m very much in awe of your work.

  3. Jeffrey Rodriguez

    Would be cool to enter this competition except I’m the US and that flight is
    quit expensive! 😉 Sounds like great fun though!

    Hope you don’t mind I plugged you on my site in the “About” section.


  4. Theresa

    What type of lighting are you using?

    Diving, Models and Photography Competitions – EP#017

    That lighting is awesome, smooth and even.

    I would love to know the brand and name.

    Thank you

  5. Tim C.

    Thanks Karl,
    Always interested in what your doing, competition looks great, unfortunately I’ve never been to Sri Lanka.
    What I did find interesting was the Specsavers shoot, that setup looked sweet.
    The footage from the diving holiday looked amazing..
    Great output Karl, very stimulating.

  6. Adil Guzder

    Hi Karl,
    Your videos on YouTube as well as the Vlogs are excellent and precise.
    For some unforeseen reason I am not able to watch the video as it doesn’t open.
    I am coming to England in July and will surely come across to meet you and discuss business.
    At the moment I am living my role of a grand-dad at 57 years of age with my year & two months old grandson.
    Until we meet this summer, do keep up the excellent work that you do.
    Warm Regards,
    Adil Guzder
    +91 98700 74999

  7. Shanley

    Hi I’ve ‘rediscovered ‘ your website after a long break. I have a couple of your DVD courses.Would you tell me name of the setup your camera is on the studio, it looks like a pole that allows you to adjust the camera height quickly.

  8. Andrew Whitcombe

    Love the really helpful videos. Could you please do one about storage of camera bodies and lenses, in the home and especially for longer periods e.g. Four months or more, to avoid mould and/or fungus. I’m sure many people as well as myself would benefit from your expert and extensive experience.

  9. Mark Trombley

    Your teaching has helped megreatly just by what I see in your videos and pictures.stepping out is what its about.

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