Sexy Underwear Shoot - How to use studio lighting gels

broncolor ‘How To’ use coloured gels with studio lights

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In this video Urs Recher and I undertake a sexy underwear shoot. As you’ll discover, it’s quite a complex lighting set up. We work mostly with shadows and color fills through the use of reflectors and colored gels. You can now get these gels right here on my site. If you enjoyed the video, please share with your friends – Thank …

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with - TheNakedCamera

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with #TheNakedCamera

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I’m very excited to be launching my new natural light portrait course. As you’re probably already aware, I’m well known for shooting with every bit of pro kit I can possibly get my hands on BUT in my new upcoming course, there’s NO excessive kit allowed. That’s right! I’ll be proving to you all that anyone with the right knowledge (and …

Stunning Model Shoot using Karl Taylor Professional Lighting Gels

New Karl Taylor professional photography gel packs

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This was fun! Shot with my new custom lighting gel packs. Click on the video below… I visit LEE Filters to discover where they actually manufacture and colorize polyester film to ultimately create the gels (diffusion material) which I use in my professional photography studio. Learn the process involved and how they achieve a higher standard of color control over competing …

The Karl Taylor Photography Workshop Experience

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  It was an absolute pleasure to run our recent ‘Advertising Product and Still Life Photography’ workshop. We had photography students from all corners of the globe attend. Their enthusiasm and passion for photography was clearly obvious. During the photography workshop we covered a variety of very complex and difficult photography scenarios, these included high-end jewellery images as well as …

Taiwan International Photography Workshop 2015.

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Our recent visit to Taipei was not only a surprise but also incredibly interesting. Firstly I’d like to say what a wonderfully friendly bunch of people the Taiwanese are, not only our wonderful hosts at Cheng Seng Group but also the Taiwanese people in general, we had an incredible time! Our project was to run a 2-day workshop twice, so …

Behind the Scenes: Hasselblad Photokina Shoot 2014

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Of course as a professional photographer it is always a great pleasure to be commissioned for a high profile shoot, but for me it was an exceptional honour to be commissioned to undertake this particular project…. In photography there is no bigger event than Photokina. It is the Olympics of the photographic world, it only happens every two years in …

Karl Taylor's epic Iceland photography Journey

Incredible Iceland. Karl Taylor’s diary of overcoming challenges on this journey.

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Photography can be all about overcoming challenges. Being able to think outside the box is an important skill and your ability to quickly react and adapt to a given situation can be the difference between an average photograph or truly inspirational photography. If you’ve already enjoyed learning from me (Karl Taylor) in the safe surrounds of a fully equipped studio …

Using Para Lighting For a Fashion Shoot

How to shape light using Para lighting by Karl Taylor.

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Welcome to Part 5 of broncolor’s “How To” photography training series. On this occasion, I travel to broncolor’s studio in Switzerland and meet up with Urs Recher (Bron’s in-house photographer and consultant) to shoot the latest in this series of photography training videos. In this fashion shoot video, our model Sharon is wearing white against a white background. Urs and …

Lighting Techniques Interview with Karl Taylor

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Having recently worked with broncolor (the leading brand worldwide for photography flashlight systems) to produce their ‘How To’ lighting videos, they thought it would be a good idea to let their audience know a little bit more about me, my work and the techniques I use to capture images. In this interview, I describe my lighting techniques and my thoughts …