David Lund – Diamond Shoot

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Hi Guys, I just wanted to share with you a project that one of my ex students David Lund has recently completed. David was previously a student of my courses having purchased my Advertising, Product and Still life course a few years back. Over the years he’s become a good friend of mine and has visited me in my studio …

Sexy Underwear Shoot - How to use studio lighting gels

broncolor ‘How To’ use coloured gels with studio lights

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In this video Urs Recher and I undertake a sexy underwear shoot. As you’ll discover, it’s quite a complex lighting set up. We work mostly with shadows and color fills through the use of reflectors and colored gels. You can now get these gels right here on my site. If you enjoyed the video, please share with your friends – Thank …

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with - TheNakedCamera

Take outstanding Natural Light Portraits with #TheNakedCamera

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I’m very excited to be launching my new natural light portrait course. As you’re probably already aware, I’m well known for shooting with every bit of pro kit I can possibly get my hands on BUT in my new upcoming course, there’s NO excessive kit allowed. That’s right! I’ll be proving to you all that anyone with the right knowledge (and …

Stunning Model Shoot using Karl Taylor Professional Lighting Gels

New Karl Taylor professional photography gel packs

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This was fun! Shot with my new custom lighting gel packs. Click on the video below… I visit LEE Filters to discover where they actually manufacture and colorize polyester film to ultimately create the gels (diffusion material) which I use in my professional photography studio. Learn the process involved and how they achieve a higher standard of color control over competing …

Creative control can be a daunting prospect!

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As a commercial photographer I get told what to do all the time. Always following direction, always following a brief. My clients will have done their research about what will appeal to the market and that research dictates the concept. The opposite of this is those times when we are given creative control, this can be daunting as sometimes you …


Ravenscroft Shoot

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Recently I welcomed into my studio a group of employees from Ravenscroft Stockbroking and Investment Management to shoot an upcoming campaign. Working with Ravenscroft on this campaign were TPA (a marketing communications agency) who were the visionaries for the campaign. When tasked with a job such as this, my main goal is to match the vision of my client. In …

How to make something ordinary look desirable? – Karl Taylor’s flooring photo shoot.

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This is one of those professional photographer creativity challenges! It was an absolute pleasure to welcome a new client and the team from Karndean flooring for a recent shoot in my studio. Karndean, if you didn’t know already are one of the world’s biggest flooring companies with a huge range of design flooring for commercial and home purposes. One of …

A little round up of our latest Advertising, Product and Still Life workshop

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Well it was another incredibly happy set of students on our premium 4-day workshop targeting Product, Still Life and Advertising Photography. With a fully booked workshop restricted to a small group of 8 people I am able to precisely demonstrate the techniques for this lucrative area of photography. With demonstrations on moving liquids, bottles photography, cosmetics, pack-shots, whisky, watches, wine, …