This is how you get great at photography!

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In this Complete Photography Masterclass, I teach everything you need to know whilst cutting out all the jargon and technical talk that slows down your understanding of DSLR photography. In essence, it's the fast track to great results without the need to waste years of time on trial and error. There are many reasons to check out this incredible photography ...

FREE Lightroom training with our most popular course

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Lightroom training for FREE with my best selling Complete Photography Course!That’s right if you act now you can get 2 hours of incredible Lightroom training included with my Complete Photography Course! In no time at all you’ll be making your own 'presets', giving you way more creativity and control than just those 34 presets I gave you! Check out this video to see what ...
Twilight Landscape Photography, St Ives Town Cornwall

Discover one of the six essentials to dramatically improve your photography.


Most people assume buying a nice new DSLR camera or lens is going to make them a better photographer. Believe me it’s not. If you think about it for a moment it’s obvious. Think about the hundreds of thousands of incredible photographs that were taken 20 or more years ago. Think about the thousands of stunning National Geographic images or …