5-Step Creative Composition

Commit these composition rules to memory to become a more instinctive and creative photographer.

No matter what camera you’re using!

Download this guide, print it out (even laminate it)… REMEMBER the steps!
Apply the principles next time you shoot and see your photos improve.

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Join thousands of students who are already making more instinctive composition choices.

Become More Creative

Learn different composition rules for different situations. Target better shots every time you shoot.

Easy Learn, Recall & Apply

Get immediate results. There’s no waffle just the principles you need for fantastic composition.

Increase Photo Success Rate

Most of us don’t capture perfect shots first time BUT use these rules & increase your photo success rate.

As an educator and pro photographer for over 25 years, my photography passion has inspired thousands of students.

I’ve built a reputation for achieving student success and am also trusted by industry leaders such as Adobe, Hasselblad and Broncolor. These corporations put their trust in my training methods so I’m sure I can help you too.

DOWNLOAD, PRINT, READ & REPEAT! Implement these 5 steps and you’ll see an immediate impact on your photography from this point onwards… Enjoy!Karl Taylor Signature

This guide is no longer available – please check out my new website