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Find out how our first ever LIVE workshop went. See the highlights below and our student feedback… We did what no one else can do!

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4 professional standard advertising shots delivered LIVE to students!

At the end of February 2017, we held our first Live Webinar – It was sold out!

During the show I shot 4 professional advertising shots delivered LIVE in just 4 hours. Each shot presented from start to finish with NO Photoshop post production!

It took a lot of work, trial end error and a big investment to get it up and running but it was all worth it because the show was a complete success!

Find out what our students thought and how the LIVE workshop went.

What do you want to see covered on the next LIVE Workshop?

Thank you to all who attended. Here’s some of the feedback from our students.

Below you can read through what those who were lucky enough to grab themselves a ticket had to say about the show – We’re hoping to hold lots more live shows in the future so stay tuned for more details!

It’s very liberating to type a question into your computer and seconds or minutes later Karl gives you his response.

No more shouting at my training video saying “but what if…”, I can now ask away. I’d also like to say that I’ve never been able to sit for 4 hours and be so gripped to what’s going on.

I’m normally starting to flag within half an hour. There’s certainly something compelling about the ‘live’ aspect.

Well done to all involved, a triumph and can’t wait for the next one.

Jeff Newton

I want to take this opportunity to express my complete and utter satisfaction with your first webinar – fact is, I was blown away as were the other students judging from the comments expressed. You guys really did your homework putting this together.

Can only imagine how difficult it was for you and the staff. The presentation was detailed, informative, and chock full of all the little tricks of the trade that any budding product photographer needs to know.

The lighting and composition were especially good! You spent a lot of time talking about and demonstrating these critical aspects and I learned way more than I expected!

Thanks so much and keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Bob Bradlee, USA

The live online workshop last week was well worth it! Getting an insight in to Karl’s approach and creativity has definitely inspired me and is already driving me to improvements in my work.

Being able to ask questions in real time was a great benefit over pre-recorded material. Thank you everyone!

Freddy Clark

I like the passion which drives Karl and made this show so interesting. It was far from boring!

It motivates me and gives me more ideas for my photography. I’m mostly into Wedding but a lot of the techniques showed can be transposed to what I do.

Jean Jacques Fabien

I so enjoyed the the live workshop, it was so nice to understand how long it takes to set up a product to take a photo and to see how a little changes to lighting changes the photo… it’s so nice to see karl working off the cuff and change things on the go.

Thank you so much Karl and your team for trying something new for people who can’t get to workshops.


Tank you Karl for this fantastic live workshop! As much as I wanted to come to Guernsey for one of your workshops, this was a great way to truly feel like I was there! It was the best live online workshop i’ve attended. The quality of the stream was great, no lags, and clean audio.

I was super impressed with still being able to see in the complete darkness for one of your shoots when you had to turn the lights off. The chat was great and you answered almost every question that was thrown your way during the event.

The close up camera was fantastic showing all the details of the shoot and set up. I absolutely plan on attending your future live workshops. It was a 10 out of 10!

Michael, Atlanta USA

What do you want to see covered on the next LIVE Workshop?

This webinar was done really well and I’m looking forward to more. The four product shots were all well-structured in a very professional manner that allowed a lot of learning in a relatively short period of time.

As you said in the course, most of those shoots in the “real-world” would likely take a full day each to do properly, including post-processing.

You had to cover four shoots in just four hours in this one! Nice job. Thanks also to all those behind-the-scene staffers who make this kind of stuff work as well as it did –

You guys did an outstanding job and it showed! Looking forward to the next Karl Taylor webinar. Muchas gracias.

Brian Miller, San Antonio, Texas

First and for most I’d like to say that the live Webinar was spot on! Being able to watch as you set up for each shoot gave me more of an understanding of just what it takes to really get the perfect image in camera without having to do much work in Photoshop.

It was also great to ask a question as you worked and have it answered immediately.

Jason DeHoyos, NH USA

Students could ask questions as they want during the show, it’s just like we stay in the real classroom, and most importantly, using webinar could save the cost from traveling along distance to a real studio (although I really want to go there if I could), so I think this webinar suits students like me, this is why I recommend those who want to learn deep in product photography to join the webinar, it did really help so much, thank you Karl.

We could ask questions during the show, it’s just like we stay in the real classroom, and most importantly, using webinar could save the cost from traveling a long distance to a real studio (although I really want to go there if I could), so I think this webinar suits students like me, this is why I recommend those who want to learn deep in product photography to join the webinar, it did really help so much, thank you Karl.

Shenghan, Taiwan

Karl has a fantastic ability to convey his knowledge and passion and explains complex things in such a logical way.

With the live tutorial it was so much more than revealing a few tricks here and there, it allowed me to see the effect of lighting and how to reflect it, bounce it, diffuse it, mirror it, or block it in order to get that perfect shot. All done in such logical stages.

I can’t recommend Karl’s courses highly enough for beginners right up to advanced level – you will learn, learn, learn!


I gained loads of information and shaved time off my learning curve from the well-organized product photography webinar put on by Karl and his team. Multiple fixed video camera positions and a roving cameraman insured we saw all the action.

The webinar covered four examples from concept to finished shot, with plenty of behind the scenes tips, including lower budget and DIY alternatives for the lighting solutions presented.

Alan Coley

I really enjoyed the live online tutorial. I really is the best thing to actually being there live, I even think in some cases it’s even better.

With the close up video feeds you get to see things happening that you would not see if you were actually there. Besides being a really great value, for me it’s really difficult to get all the way there but this solution is great.…

The live questions option was really good, I think that interaction was really great because on the online courses you may have a question and there’s no one to answer. Thumbs up for the live question option.

Thank you, thanks to Karl and all the team for this effort. It was really great to be there in the studio again.


Many thanks for this professional, inspiring and instructive online Workshop!

First: The advantage of this format is the interactive conversation – one reason for my decision to book the live webinar in contrast to videos.

Second: the step by step approach gives the possibility to learn all important aspects, if you want to make a high quality product shoot.

From the Idea, preparation, light setting – which light is responsible for which light effect (to accent some special product features or surface), but also some secrets in light-setting and used materials.

Over all, a webinar for all photographers, who want to improve their product shootings in each aspect!


It was easy to follow. Karl Taylor explains everything very clearly.

Live Chat was great. All the questions I asked were answered.

I really liked that there were several product shots so one could see different lightning setups. And it was great that Karl showed the effect of every single light separately.

It made the whole lightning set up very understandable. I learned a lot during the Workshop!


I had the opportunity to refine technical concepts and learn new things about studio lighting and above all to realize details that make the difference between a mediocre job and one of excellent quality.

Ilidio Alves

For everyone who wants to get into product photography, this workshop is the right one for you no matter from what part of the world you are from.

Karl is a great instructor with an expert knowledge wich he likes to share with his students. Beside the online workshop I have participated in two workshops in Guernsey.

The online workshop is a really good solution it made it comfortable for me to learn at home without spending a lot of time and travel expenses.

The quality of the online workshop is at the highest stage and is well organised.

Thank you Karl I learned a lot.


The Webinar was awesome! Better than expected! And I expected alot 😉

It was indeed almost like being there – with the benefit of being able to watch it super relaxed for the first time and then watch it again with a pen in my hand.


Great show! went so smoothly for a first show and the overall production quality was brilliant.

I’ve seen quite a few live shows like this and this one was certainly the best overall.

Having the chat and all the angles and Karl’s brilliant teaching style made for a very informative and interesting show that is well worth every cent of admission.

Keep up the great work guys!

Ken Lawson, Australia

You with this first webinar have done one incredible job, I’m so Happy.

Daniel, Italy

I’m a huge fan of Karl’s work and his method of teaching. He makes things so simple and easy to understand.

The ‘Advertising and Product Lighting Mastery’ webinar was an amazing event.

I was so inspired by this that I’ve invested in studio lighting of my own. I’m now in the process of building my own product photography portfolio to run alongside the other things I do.

If you are serious about developing your photography skills then Karl’s your man!

John Rees

I have many of Karl’s video classes, but this live Presentation takes it to a whole new level.

It’s like being in one of his live classes without the travel expenses.

This was definitely worth the investment, in both access to Karl’s process and his insights into shooting products.

Thank you for your continued training, it’s nice to have someone who is so good at there job who is willing to share there knowledge and experience with others.

Mike Byrne New Jersey, USA

Not only were we able to follow his lighting schemes on the screen but we were listening to his clear explanations and reasoning as to why these choices were taken as the lighting was built up to bring out subtle details.

I was impressed by the open and honest answers to the stream of questions requested from the audience whilst Karl was working.

I also enjoyed the banter between the crew showing a great working relationship to get the work done to the highest level particularly when things didn’t quite go to plan.
And here the problems were sorted … Live!

A unique event Hats off to everyone especially to Tim for his roving camerawork.
A great idea. Brilliant images.
A triumph of a show.

Ted Eggs

I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.The information given was easy to understand and to the point so my time was used efficiently.

I got a far better understanding how to use light to enhance a product! The advantage of attending a webinar versus watching a DVD is that you can ask questions and you answered each and every question.

What I especially valued that although you are using expensive Broncolor equipment you explained every time how to get a similar result using cheaper solutions as we cannot all afford all the equipment you have and use.

Ruud Modderkolk

Karl Taylor Photography has delivered an expertly presented, high-energy and detail-focused workshop, which provided me with the kind of practical and precise ‘insider knowledge’ that is so often promised, but almost invariably excluded, by other vocational workshops – particularly in the commercial photography field.

I am confident that what I have learned has valuable and repeatable real world applications that will benefit my business and expand my client-base. This is definitely a fun and valuable way to fast-track your vocational goals and aspirations.

Sincere thanks to Karl and his team for doing such a fantastic job. Can’t wait for the next one!


Attending my first webinar was a great opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback directly from the source.

The camera angles were so that you could see the behind the scenes setup and lighting to achieve the final image. This is exactly what I like to see so that I can tailor a shot with my current lighting using his technique to inspire an idea for my own shots.

I think that this webinar forum is a great way for Karl to stay connected with his fan’s/students while being able to provide new up to date techniques and information to the photography community.

Great job guys! I can’t wait for the next one.

Greg Vaughn

I have been following Karl for a while now but this is the first webinar that I have attended.

As his first webinar I thought the event was very well run, informative and easy to follow. It was great to see the processes from start to finish and it was really helpful to see his thought process.

His passion for the subject really shows and only makes learning easier! I look forward to his future work!

Des Lewis

One word “Awesome”. Karl has such a natural and very professional way in presenting, clear and easy to understand.

I have been following Karl for a while now and always wished I could make it to one of his workshops but being from Australia, not that easy.

The presentation of this webinar was the next best thing. Great work from Karl and the team. I will definitely get up early to watch the next one.

Vlado Korenic

What do you want to see covered on the next LIVE Workshop?

Click on the VLOGs below to check out some “Behind The Scenes” footage of the webinar!

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