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Discover one of the six essentials to dramatically improve your photography.

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Most people assume buying a nice new DSLR camera or lens is going to make them a better photographer. Believe me it’s not. If you think about it for a moment it’s obvious. Think about the hundreds of thousands of incredible photographs that were taken 20 or more years ago. Think about the thousands of stunning National Geographic images or ...
How to Shoot Portrait with Broncolor

‘How To’ Shoot Portraiture

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In this video Karl Taylor and Urs Recher demonstrate how to shoot a simple 3 light portrait using Siros lights and softboxes. The techniques demonstrated in this video are ideal for home studios users with 3 or more lights. Keep in mind this could also be replicated with speedlites with the adapter to take Broncolor soft boxes. This is a ...
All DVDs Must Go

Massive 50% off all dvds

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All DVDs MUST GO! – 50% off all DVDs. All DVDs MUST GO! That’s right, very soon we will no longer selling DVDs and all our stock must go. In the future our courses will only be available as streaming and download. Get great Christmas gifts right now with a Huge 50% OFF all our DVD photography courses. This is ...

Product Photography Hack!

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In this video I show you how having tonnes of gear is not always the key to taking amazing photos. I take you through a really great product shoot in just 10 minutes and prove that understanding photography is the number one aspect to being a great photographer using only these ‘around the house’ items; 4 desk lamps Tape Card …


Photography tools that help you make money…

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Master your photography budgets and discover how to earn more money from customers’ varying photography requirements. The tools that I demonstrate in this video and are included with my latest Make Money From Your Photography course really do take the headache and extra work out of running a photography business with these photographer tools. Just imagine how much time and …


Cute Furry Kittens or Photography Tutorials?

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You could be missing out on lots of great photography tutorials and video content!   As a small team of 5 we thinks it’s important to stay in touch with our followers. A few times a week we post our latest photography tips videos, images, camera & studio techniques and other useful snippets from the web to our Facebook page. BUT DID YOU KNOW – …


Step into a professional studio photo shoot – Designer Shoes!

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In this product shoot video tutorial, Karl Taylor (with Urs Recher) demonstrates his techniques for carefully and precisely lighting a designer shoe. With so many lights involved, Karl’s step-by-step photography lighting process is crucial to make this professional product photo shoot a success. With delicate positioning and accurate lighting, Karl and Urs demonstrate how to use broncolor’s range of ‘Picolites’ …


ShootLDN 2015 – A FREE photography event!

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I will be presenting at shootLDN on the afternoon of Thursday 8th October. My seminar ‘From there to here and in-between’ is at 3pm on Thursday 8th I am also delighted to be helping David Lund with his live shoot ‘broncolor Liquids Shoot’ during the afternoon. In my presentation I will look back at where I started in photography and the road I’ve taken to …


Amazing ‘How To’ Rim-light and light black product shots.

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“Urs Recher wows us with his lighting skills in this video!”   In this photo-shoot you will see Urs Recher’s incredible lighting knowledge as he beautifully rim lights and lights this stunning product shot. Urs also demonstrates very cleverly how to reverse black on black writing in this example.         Don’t forget — The ultimate professional photography …


How I easily built my Squarespace website

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“Making these websites is almost as easy as making a cup of coffee”   It really is incredible how easy it is to create an affordable and slick looking website yourself these days. I use the Squarespace system and it is in my opinion the best system on the market, it has also been a great asset to my business …