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Creative control can be daunting prospect!

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As a commercial photographer I get told what to do all the time. Always following direction, always following a brief. My clients will have done their research about what will appeal to the market and that research dictates the concept. The opposite of this is those times when we are given creative control, this can be daunting as sometimes you …

Understanding Curves and Levels

How to use Curves & Levels when adjusting your photos

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Something that often confuses photographers who’ve just started to use Photoshop or other image editing software is the understanding of curves and levels. In this quick tutorial I’m just going to give you a brief explanation on these functions. In the following video of this 2 part series, we’ll look in detail at which one offers you the most control. …


How to Shoot an Angry Man! (Video walk-through)

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Hi guys, i’m back with another video sketch walkthrough on one of my professional photography studio lighting setups. First of all let’s explain a little bit about this campaign. We’ve got this picture of these two angry guys and we also shot some other people with similar expressions. You can see this campaign was all about these guys being VERY …


Ravenscroft Shoot

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Recently I welcomed into my studio a group of employees from Ravenscroft Stockbroking and Investment Management to shoot an upcoming campaign. Working with Ravenscroft on this campaign were TPA (a marketing communications agency) who were the visionaries for the campaign. When tasked with a job such as this, my main goal is to match the vision of my client. In …

Karl Taylor podcast

The Business Side of Creativity

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Click the play button below to start the podcast… In this very honest and open podcast, I’m interviewed by friend Jeffery Saddoris. I met Jeffery back in 2012 and hold him in high regard for both his knowledge and opinions in the world of photography. If you want to know what’s going on in the world of photography then I …

Phocus Video feature

Phocus 3.0 Can work for you

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With the recent release of the new Hasselblad H6 came a new, upgraded version of Phocus. Phocus 3.0. is a software used to process image files and it’s had an overhaul and loads of updates to make it easier to use and more accessible. This software, for Hasselblad users, can control the camera and deal with image files. And best …