Karl Taylor LIVE workshop

Find out how our first ever LIVE workshop went. See the highlights below and our student feedback… We did what no one else can do!

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At the end of February 2017, we held our first Live Webinar – It was sold out! During the show I shot 4 professional advertising shots delivered LIVE in just 4 hours. Each shot presented from start to finish with NO Photoshop post production! It took a lot of work, trial end error and a big investment to get it …

Diving, Models and Photography Competitions - EP#017

Diving, Models and Photography Competitions – EP#017

Karl Taylor Photo Studio Vlog 16 Comments

Here’s the Cinnamon Sri Lanka Photo Contest link again! Photocontest.CinnamonHotels.com and the AOP Student Awards 2017 Competition link here The-AOP.org/Awards/Student-Awards-2017 What would you like covered on the next VLOG episode? Let us know you’re watching with a quick comment below – we read them all 🙂

From “tea bags” to prime time BBC TV – EP#016

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See the BBC’s prime time TV article for The One Show… featuring a fantastic crew of helpers, me, my Hasselblad and over 650 school kids! The plan was to recreate one of Arthur Mole’s living photographs and in this VLOG episode you get to enjoy the behind scenes footage. See how I used ‘tea bags’ to plan a shot that was …


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Well it all went very, very well… Here’s just a small selection of feedback from our students. We’re going to make these LIVE photo workshop shows a regular thing so remember to follow us on Facebook or email so you don’t miss the next date 🙂

Product Photography Tutorial by Karl Taylor - EP#011

FREE Product Photography Tutorial – EP#011

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In this video I’ll be demonstrating what can be captured directly out of camera without resorting to post production as your first option to fix your image. Apply this knowledge take-away to your work and save yourself a huge amount of time in the future. Other techniques covered include: P.S. Please share and comment below with your thoughts – thank …

Karl Taylor's NEW Friend - EP010

Karl Taylor’s new “friend” – EP#010

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Happy New Year everyone… we’ve got 2017 started so I though why not show you what we got up to over the holidays before it’s too late. See our staff night out and meet the latest addition to our team! I have an important piece of tutorial news for you. You definitely don’t want to miss the next video… P.S. …