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The Business Side of Creativity

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Click the play button below to start the podcast… In this very honest and open podcast, I’m interviewed by friend Jeffery Saddoris. I met Jeffery back in 2012 and hold him in high regard for both his knowledge and opinions in the world of photography. If you want to know what’s going on in the world of photography then I …

Phocus Video feature

Phocus 3.0 Can work for you

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With the recent release of the new Hasselblad H6 came a new, upgraded version of Phocus. Phocus 3.0. is a software used to process image files and it’s had an overhaul and loads of updates to make it easier to use and more accessible. This software, for Hasselblad users, can control the camera and deal with image files. And best …


Monopods or Tripods?

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You’ve all heard about tripods and that the word “Tri” means three – it’s, got three legs and it keeps your camera really steady for long exposures. Whether it’s a quarter of a second or a 40 second long exposure a tripod is the piece of equipment to use but there’s another piece of kit that can be really useful …

Wasteland with elephants

Nick Brandt : ‘Inherit the Dust’ Book Review

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When thinking how to rework an image, transforming your work into 30 foot long and high panels and placing them in the middle of east Africa may not be what initially comes to mind. However, Nick Brandt did just that to produce the shots for his new book: Inherit The Dust. Underpass With Elephants – © Nick Brandt Once a …


Wisdom from the ocean floor

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Hi Photography friend, In 1944 a French torpedo boat attacked and destroyed the SS Bizon, a WWII German transport ship. The 190-foot steamer sunk just off the coast SE of St. Peter Port here in Guernsey. I’ve been dying to explore the wreck for years. There’s just one problem: It’s 58 meters (180 feet) down. That is quite DEEP in …