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An Interview with commercial photographer David Lund

David Lund is one of the UK's best up and coming commercial photographers, already in his short time in the industry he has created some spectacular images. David's clients include advertising agencies and brands such as Fox International, Toyo Tyres and Willis.

To view Davids work visit www.davidlundphotography.com




What Makes This Photography Course Better?

An Interview with television director Laurie Castelli.

Laurie Castelli is a respected TV commercials director who has produced commercials for major brands all over the world including AOL, Sony, Vodafone, Gordon's Gin and Beck's Beer.

His work has won awards at the the British TV awards, Los Ojos de Iberoamerica, and been shortlisted at Cannes. In addition to his commercial TV work, Laurie has had a long love affair with photography resulting in regular commissions and exhibitions.

Here is what Laurie had to say about the Karl Taylor Pro-Series Training Products in this exclusive video interview.

Visit Laurie's website at LaurieCastelli.com


5 Stars

Thanks you so much for such an amazing set of DVD''s. Love the delivery, the content and most of all you you just don''t tell us how to shoot, you show us with great results. I have been a professionally trained and working photographer for the past 8 years and your DVD''s inspired me to revisit my photography through different eyes.

Stephen Wark, Australia

4 Stars

Thanks for you videos they are brilliant, I bought the Masterclass set for sale on your website and I am really delighted that I did, it is brilliant to have such a fantastic teacher like you here in my office. I am learning so much now since i came across your site, so once again thank you,

Brian Geoghegan - Co Leitrim, Ireland

5 Stars

Karl, I know you don't know me at all, but I just wanted to say thank you for how you've made me a better and more creative photographer. I am an American creative professional living and working in Japan for the past 25 years. I fell in love with photography through being a music video director when our production bought Canons to shoot video last year. Since then I've been taking courses and workshops whenever, wherever I can. I've studied from some top name photographers in the biz but somehow you bring it all to life. Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious and your instruction easy to understand and follow. I dare say you are the best instructor I've had the pleasure of learning from thus far and I just wanted to show my appreciation. Please keep giving us those precious little gems to learn from.

Marven Payne, Japan

5 Stars

I just want to say a massive thank you Karl! I have been seeking to improve my photography skills for some time now by means of some structured training but I found that no-one was willing to help me out and I had serious doubts about web based courses and their fees. I then came across your website and purchased the MasterClass DVD''s. These are packed full of relevant, easy to understand information, tips and training and at an unbelievable price. I am well impressed; thanks again!

Peter Ritchie, UK

5 Stars

I thought I'll have something to watch over the whole weekend but in fact I managed to 'check it all' in just one afternoon... The DVD is very well prepared. The topics covered were top notch and the way it is being explained to the viewer is really awesome! Even though I consider myself to be somewhat advanced amateur photographer, even the beginner lessons gave me something new to think about... Great job everyone! Once I top up my virtual credit card, you'll get another order from me :)

David Relich


Read what USA photography portal Faded & Blurred had to say about us...


There certainly is no shortage of training materials available for learning photography. Just do a keyword search on Amazon and you'll unleash a torrent of books to help you along the way from Humble Beginner to Rock Star Pro. If you're like me, you probably have amassed a reference library that's spilling out of the bookcase onto the studio floor. It's the same with DVD's. Seems like everyone who is anyone is releasing a DVD, and many of them are very good; Zack Arias,Joey L. (Don't bother with the first one. It was crap) or Vincent Versace, for those photographers not of the faint of heart. Then, there online resources like Kelby Training or Chase Jarvis' new CreativeLIVE. The point is, there are a ton of resources out there, so why am I compelled to throw one more onto the stack? Two reasons. One, because you've probably never heard of the amazing photographer that created it. And two, because it's one of the best sets of photography training DVD's that I've ever seen.


  • Incredibly comprehensive training package
  • Concepts are presented clearly and thoroughly
  • Production value is superb
  • Support forums and FREE supplemental training


  • There weren't more DVD's to watch!


One of the first things you will notice about the Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass is the fantastic production quality. From the printed Introduction To Photography quick reference guide included with Disc One, to the DVD menus, to the locations and quality of the actual video, it's all top notch. It's no wonder. Karl and his team spent 18 months designing, writing and producing this training series. The other thing you'll notice straight away is Karl Taylor himself. Karl is a wonderfully talented photographer who absolutely loves what he does, and it shows. His passion for art, as well as his technical knowledge of photography have allowed him to create a package that presents material that is sometimes daunting for the beginner in a straightforward manner, with each lesson building on the last. Enthusiasts and advanced amateurs will love topics like using filters, outdoor portraits, remote capture and how to get great action shots.

The set begins by teaching how to get your camera out of program and into manual mode by understanding six essential requirements to record a photographic image: light, optics, subject, aperture, medium and time. Karl sees these as the building blocks of photography and a thorough understanding of them will allow you to produce higher quality images under a variety of conditions. From these building blocks, Karl takes the viewer through landscapes, macro photography, using filters, shooting fashion, portraiture and much more. Concepts and techniques throughout the Masterclass are explained within the context of a shoot, either in the studio or on location, which allows the viewer to see the techniques in action. Speaking of locations, Karl and his team present the series in fantastic locations, from shooting fashion and night shots in Paris, to shooting landscapes and actually "painting with light" on some gorgeous rocky coastlines in England. Karl does a brilliant job, both as host and instructor, making the viewer feel as if we are part of the shoot, rather than merely an observer. We are allowed to be a part of scouting, gear setup, and capturing the images as well as the theory behind it. In addition to the DVD training, Karl Taylor offers a free 14 session Photography Micro Course, as well as more than a dozen video tutorials that cover things not found on the DVD's.

I've watched these DVD's several times now and find that each time, I catch something I missed the last time through. There is simply so much information in this series that I can't possibly go through it all, so I encourage you to check out the video previews of each DVD below. I think you'll agree that Karl Taylor has created a fantastic training program and a valuable addition to your reference library.

Click here to visit Faded And Blurred for the full review.



The world's most visited photography community Ephotozine give us 5 stars!

Karl Taylor Ephotozine

Introduction to Photography is the first DVD in the Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass series. Karl is a professional photographer, who's covered worldwide assignments, worked as a photojournalist and has been involved in advertising and fashion photography. He now runs a successful studio and training company and the DVDs are an extension to his training facilities.

He's also a member of ePHOTOzine, here Karl Taylor and he has written several tutorials for us. You can ask him questions in our forum.

Introduction to Photography DVD: Features

The DVD is well packaged, with very clean design, clear details of the content and matching printed DVD with outer sleeve. There's a 12 page booklet that bullet points the DVD course so you can carry it as a handy reference in your camera bag. But can you judge this DVD by its cover? Let's see...

The product self loads on your TV's DVD player, but on my home computer (hand built by one of my IT team) I got a message saying it wouldn't play. After some quick research using Google I discovered I needed to install a video codec and found K-Lite Codec - a free download for Windows XP. This was downloaded and installed in seconds! Most shop PCs with a dvd player built in will not need any extra fiddling.

As the DVD begins, these titles appear with a decent bit of music - all very professionally animated. It sets the scene for a quality production and a menu appears from which we can view all from start or dip in on one of 11 chapters.

The first chapter sees Karl walking along a beach to introduce the DVD. Karl is very animated and his enthusiasm is delivered in his presentation. He explains what we're going to learn with a backdrop of the ocean and a soundtrack bobbling alongside. It's all very exciting.

He suggests the six things we need to understand are light, the subject, optics, aperture, time and medium. He then explains what these are and how they sit within photography. With the various aspects of photography now broken down we move into Karl's studio reception where he demonstrates how cameras work. The "how the shutter works" explanation is done with brilliant simplicity using an old Olympus film camera.

Introduction to Photography DVD: Verdict

I love the slick filming, with multi-angle shooting, varied teaching techniques, clear and articulate explanations and photographs used to illustrate the sections. The presentation is a bit loud (shouty) in a few parts and there's not enough subject variation (too much coastal photography no flowers, still-lives, pets etc) but those small points are outweighed by the sheer quality and completeness of the rest. If you have any questions about camera basics this will answer them...clearly and concisely for less than £30 - if you're starting out with an SLR this DVD is a sure fire way to get up to speed fast.

Click here to read the full ePHOTOzine review.



4 Stars

In my family the name 'Karl Taylor' generates smiles and woots. Here is a video of my husband and niece discussing 'super telie photos lens' after being overly inspired by Karl Taylor's videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYU0Ad6Gwc Maybe an upcoming contest subject 'what I learned from Karl Taylor'. As for me, I started shooting manual, 100% because of your first 3 videos. We love you!

Linda & Thomas Masty Stuart, Florida USA

4 Stars

Just to say that found the site and videos fantastic. Great simplicity and ease of Karl Taylor to transmit his passion for photography to everyone. Even to those who don’t like photographic activity feel compeled to start shooting, and that is due to Karl’s hability and expression when presenting the issues... I am 42 and only a hobbyst in photography, but at this stage and feeling the great passion dedicated to this, and the way Karl does it, only makes me wish I could go back and work on this art.

Jorge Silva, from Portugal, Lisbon.

5 Stars

By the way, the dvd’s are by far the best photo learning dvd’s I’ve ever seen! I’ve been an amateur/hobby photographer for some years now, and this has lifted my photos to a new level.

Kenneth Asbjørnsen

4 Stars

I first saw you on Youtube. From there I was able to purchase your DVD's. I have been very pleased, as well as have learned a wealth of great information. You are excited about your work, and this makes learning fun.

Robb Washington

5 Stars

OMG, Just been looking at the three dvd''s WOW you have opened my eyes to a new level, my Canon450D is now getting a hammering, no more AF for me. I think every new camera should come with a set of these dvd''s. Thankyou for making me look deeper into photography. Would love to see one on weddings please, if you do email me PLEASE. thanks again.

Frank Challis, UK

2 Stars

I recently purchased 3 of your great DVD from you website I went for the 3 for 2 deal. The DVDs are absolutely fantastic the amount of information and tips is enormous and very very useful to me. Am looking forward to purchase the rest of the Pro Series. You are one of the very few professional photographers who were able to deliver simple but powerful techniques to amature photographers like me in a very simple explanation. Thank you very much for your effort.

Rashed Al Naamani from Oman

3 Stars

I like your style and the stuff about lenses had always puzzled me, and the video I watched the other day made the light bulb in my head go off, so thanks, I am already learning. You're a great communicatoer and teacher so keep doing what your doing.

Susan Howlett – Stoke on Trent, UK

1 Stars

I'm new, very new to photography. I've worked hard and studied hard trying to improve my skills. So....I took an online course for $200, but we needn't say names. Anyway, for the money, it was far less than I had hoped for. I was quite disappointed as well as cautious. I found your site, watched you, loved your enthusiasm and ordered your 3 DVDs for $99. I just started the second one and I already know this was a very smart purchase. Some people can teach and some cannot. The course I took online, although good photographers, were not good teachers. Karl, you are a wonderful teacher, crystal clear when you explain things, you are passionate, enthusiastic...and I just wanted to give you a heart felt "thank you."

Chris Chausse - Indiana, USA

5 Stars

Can not thank you enough for putting together the Photography masterclass DVD set. I recently purchased the first three DVD’s as a bundle and I have to say that I was blown away. The DVD’s are so professional and informative yet maintain a casualness about them that doesn’t make you realise that you are actually learning new things. Your approach, manner and delivery are exceptional and it makes learning fun. I’ve had a few people comment on my photography of recent and I have to attribute it to what I have learnt from your DVD’s and micro training videos. I will Definitely be purchasing the other two dvds in the series. Thank you for sharing your craft and experience with us all.

Eddie Ramirez, Australia

5 Stars

I recieved my DVD this morning and LOVE it!!! I can't believe how much I've learned just watching it once! I'm so excited to test out my new found understanding AND to watch the DVD again; I'm certain there is SO much that I can learn from it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your knowledge! I will certainly be investing more in my photography skills by purchasing the other DVD's in you collection!

Evette Mendisabal – Utah, USA

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