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In this exciting programme Karl Taylor takes you on an incredible photographic tour of Paris and shows you the techniques applied to capture stunning travel images. Karl also goes head to head with international award winning landscape photographer Nick Després in a landscape shootout that shows you step by step techniques for capturing breathtaking images.

Watch as we take these photos and SHOW YOU exactly how!

Learn to take photographs that stand out from the crowd by learning professional techniques from top professional photographer Karl Taylor. Karl shoots pictures for some of the worlds leading companies, and his work is published all over the world. If you're going to learn to shoot pictures like this you can only do it if you learn from someone with a proven track record not only in professional photography but also in photography training. The photos in the carousel to the left are just some of the photos edited on this training course. You will benefit from seeing exactly how these photographs were retouched watching the steps to get a great finished image.

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Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 15 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world's leading companies. Karl's name and his unique ability to teach has hit the world on a truly global level. With a following of over 750,000 photographers he is now recognised as a leader in photography education. Karl is a consultant instructor for world leading brands and is also an Adobe Community Professional.

Karl Taylor is a consultant instructor for world leading photography brands.

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On this photography course you will learn...



Make capturing inspiring cityscapes second nature! With a few simple techniques you will be able to create images that are more eye-catching than you had imagined.

Neutral Density Graduated Filters

Neutral Density Graduated Filters

Learn about the pro photographers secret weapon. See as Karl demonstrates exactly how, why and when to use these image enhancing essentials!

Planning your Images

Planning your Images

Getting that great shot is not all about point and shoot, Karl explains how planning and researching your location can help you get that winning shot.

Travel Photo Louvre Paris

Waiting for the Right Light

Timing is everything, too early and the light is not right, too late and the light has gone. Discover the magic moment for a range of different photographic situations that will help give your shots that professional edge!

Travel Photo Arc De Triomphe Paris

Night Cityscapes

Capturing night scenes requires a different discipline and knowledge. In this program Karl tackles several night scene situations and shows you how to capture an incredible shot every time. Discover the necessary tools and tips to help you get that shot.

Seascape Photograph Beach at Sunset

Landscape Photography

Karl goes head to head in a shoot out with international and award winning landscape photographer Nick Després. See how their varied shooting styles yield different results from the same location. Plus, Karl takes you step by step through his techniques for shooting inspiring landscapes.

Travel Photo Paris Travel Photograph

Polarizing Filters

What are they, and what are they good for? This essential piece of kit for the pro-photographer can transform an image but you have to know when and how to use them.

Landscape Photo Black and White Seascape Photo

Long Exposures

Add mystery and depth to your images with this simple technique. Discover how capturing extended periods of time will give your images an enchanted quality.

Travel Photo Paris Street

Photojournalistic Style

Black and white, street and city photography! Learn how being quick on your feet and ready to grab that spontaneous moment is essential to this particular genre.

Travel Photo Madeleine Church Paris


When travelling you often have fantastic opportunities for great architectural images. In this program Karl shows you how to capture a series of shot's of Paris's historical monuments that will take your holiday photography to a whole new level.

Travel Photo Eiffel Tower Paris


Getting great images is often about being aware of your surroundings, staying observant and predicting the possibilities.  But what do you look for and what camera settings will ensure atmosphere in your images? Find out how to get those shots.

Karl Talor and Nick Despress

Gallery Critique

Learn from the Pros as Karl and Nick discuss and look through some of Nick¹s award winning work and discover what makes a really eye-catching shot.

Travel Photo Eiffel Tower Sunrise


Getting up early to shoot can often seem like a chore but the light is often at it's most beautiful and there are less people about to disrupt your shot. Find out how to control the light and spot the perfect shot.

Sunset Stormy Sea Seascape Photograph

Shooting Styles

Two photographers at the same location can comeback with completely different images and it doesn't have anything to do with the cameras. Photographic style is all about how you see the world and want to capture it. See how two pro photographers achieve very different images from the same seascape.

Landscape Photo Coastal Nightscapes

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